Not a secret: Helicopters are a very important must-have for busy yacht owners. Some are chartered from the airport to the yacht and some helicopters are a part of the yacht with their own hangar. Airbus Helicopters presents the Airbus H160.

The new stylish helicopter that is equipped with 68 patented technologies carries up to 12 passengers with 160 knots to the destination.

President Guillaume Faury says:

“The H160 represents Airbus Helicopters’ strategy to provide the most efficient solutions for our customers, who serve, protect, save lives and safely carry passengers in the most demanding environments. We are driven by this mission because what is important to our customers is essential to us. The SuperConero, the Expedition, and the Dislopen have a similar DNA, but also very different features and peculiarities. Indeed, they are the result of a long and painstaking market analysis. We are deeply convinced that these new projects will confirm CRN’s great versatility”.

The Airbus H160 is not just stylish. The helicopter has also technical innovations like the biggest Fenestron shrouded tail rotor, Biplane Stabilizer to improve the aerodynamic during hover flight and less air speed. Another plus point is the Blue Edge rotor technology that gives a higher payload of 100 KG and makes the helicopter more silent.

Sound emission video of the H160