The Flying Mantis is a carbon-fiber foiling trimaran and a great add-on for the superyacht garage.

Superyachts need toys – undoubtedly. There are jet skis, RIBs, Seabobs et cetera. I have also seen Laser dinghies for match races on superyachts. I think the Flying Mantis is much more fun and brings a bit America’s Cup feeling with its foils – moreover, to explore a trending technology. The top speed of the foiling trimaran has a top speed of about 25 knots. The measurements of the boat also allowing easy transportation on European streets. The beam is 2.40m; the mast has a length of 6.30m. The main hull measures 4.20m in length.

Jamie Stuart – a British graduate in Yacht & Powercraft Design draw the lines while Dr. Richard Pemberton assisted in the development of the foil design and hull dynamics.

With a focus on lightweight construction, even the gelcoat is lighter than the usual gelcoats used in the marine industry. Colors are customizable. The main hull weighs 25 kilograms, the outriggers 12.5 kilograms each.
Apropos weights, the boat is also designed for taller and heavier sailors up to 120 kilograms.
Alongside the foiling version, there is also a cheaper dragger board edition.
The dragger board one starts at €35,160; the more exciting boat with foils has a base price of €42,842 + VAT and shipping.