American Singer-Songwriter, composer, and pianist Billy Joel donated his 17m commuter motor yacht Vendetta to the International SeaKeeper Society.

Vendetta was offered for $1,295,000 before Billy Joel decided to donate his beautiful yacht from 2005 in a 1920’s / 1930’s dress.

Billy Joel also designed the yacht with naval architect Doug Zurn of Zurn Yacht Design. North End Composites in Maine constructed the hull, while Coecles Harbor and Derecktor Shipyards finished the boat.

The International SeaKeepers Society promotes oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community.

Michael Moore, Chairman of the Board of The International SeaKeepers Society stated,

“The International SeaKeepers Society greatly appreciates the generosity of Mr. Billy Joel. Mr. Joel just keeps on giving. First, through his amazing talent and music and now in this way to help protect and restore the sea around us. All who care for and worry about the health of the world’s oceans appreciate this wonderful gift!”

Do you want to help the SeaKeepers without donating your yacht? There is the DISCOVERY Yachts program. You can offer your yacht for access to the ocean for research, scientific discovery, community outreach, and artistic inspiration.

A group of yacht owners founded the International SeaKeepers Society in 1998 to protect the oceans.