Design studio Nuvolari Lenard presents VENTO - An 100m sustainable sailing yacht.

A green 100m sailing yacht? That really warms my heart. I love yachts, sailing, and a green and clean environment. Project VENTO could be part of this to archive this. VENTO has a focus on sustainability and performance with a powerful design.

“Being environmentally conscious has to become a way of being, as well as a way of thinking,” explains engineer Carlo Nuvolari. “There’s nothing stopping us from thinking about a truly green large yacht. It’s not difficult to achieve major results, you just have to stop being traditionalist and take a risk, going back to the basics: building a sailing yacht that really uses sails and is really efficient.”

100m Sailing Yacht Vento Nuvolari Lenard

VENTO uses Wing Sail

The Omer Wing-Sail has been created by the Israeli aerodynamics specialist, sailor, and former fighter pilot Ilan Gonen.

“A wing-sail of this type requires less sail area for the same performance and this triggers a positive spiral: by reducing the amount of sail there will be less heeling force and therefore less keel weight will be required to right the boat. Simply stated: less displacement, which is the ultimate goal. The retractable keel will make it possible to go from a draught of 5.5m to 9m. The carbon masts will measure 64 m and will support a total sail area of 2100 square meters.”

100m Sailing Yacht Vento Nuvolari Lenard