HanseYachts from Greifswald, Germany presents the new e-motion rudder drive.

e-motion rudder drive is a collaboration with Jefa (manufacturer of steerings/rudders) and Torqueedo (well-known for electric outboard and inboard engines.

Currently, the rudder drive is available for the Hanse 315 only, but HanseYachts works on versions for bigger yachts. I hope electric engines (and fuel cells as well) will be standard on bigger luxury yachts. Low noise, no diesel smell, and zero emissions are pure luxuries. Also, improved maneuverability makes it easy to handle in harbors.

Batteries recharge while sailing with 130 w at 5 knots like a shaft-driven generator.

Hard facts as an example on the Hanse 315

  • 4 kW electric engine with folding propeller
  • 4.5 knots cruising speed (30 nautical miles in the calm sea)
  • 6.1 knots maximum speed
  • Recharged in three hours
  • 100 kg less total weight
  • No opening in the hull for saildrive or shaft
  • Less resistance while sailing
  • Low noise
  • No diesel smell
  • Low maintenance