The Mallorca-based company PETER Diving offers a surface-supply diving system that supplies air to up to 3 divers at a time.

For the first, I know nothing about diving but I think it is a good addition for the tender and toy garage (when we talk about bigger yachts) or the locker (when we talk about smaller yachts) to explore the underwater world or work on the underwater ship (rope in propellor etc.).

These are just my thoughts as a diving greenhorn (and some facts from Peter Diving). My experience is a bit snorkeling and I was three times with an oxygen bottle on my back in shallow waters.

The kit comes with a standard hose system (6m / 20 ft is the maximum depth where there is no decompression risk) but can be limited to 1m or 2m to keep the kids at a safe depth while you can see where they are at all times, same as it would a jetski passing by. It is also possible to extend the hose for emergencies (retrieve a stuck anchor or even a Rolex that falls overboard). Optimum versatility is achieved as PETER Diving sells all kind of lengths and connection type of hoses, so like a Lego game you can configure it to fulfill your particular needs.

The PETER Diving company has been able to do some noise in their limited lifetime (released the PETER Yacht Kit the last edition of METS Trade Show), creating new value in different markets such as their original start-point recreational diving (see map of Authorised PETER Points where you can try it out) to later apply the concept to scientific diving, therapeutical diving or even art. Yes, you read well – PETER Diving joined forces with yacht art consultants and chandeliers Crystal Caviar to set up the first ever underwater art installation.

The scientist from NGO Coral Guardian are working in ecosystem restoration to depths of 10-15m, and now also the Institute of Advanced Mediterranean Studies has been trained by PETER Diving and are now using their concept for underwater field work.

Furthermore, and responding to the requirements of the yachting industry, the PETER Diving System is CE-internationally certified and has been tested and approved by the Spanish Maritime Rescue, but most importantly, the PETER Diving specialty training course for the users and crews is available in the Scuba Schools International.

This fulfills the international standards World Scuba Recreational Training Council. All this make it the only surface-supply diving system available for the yachting industry out in the market, as all liabilities are covered by yacht insurances, even those regarding the charter guests. Actually, you can now find it in the catalog of toys recommended by Superyacht Tenders & Toys.

Peter Diving System Princess Yacht Seabob

The air tanks are available in stainless steel (12 and 15 liters) but also in carbon fiber (9L and 12L, weighing only 7kg and 10kg). Carbon fiber cylinders can also hold a 50% more air capacity (300 bar / 4500psi) supplying more air from a container with less volume and weight. The latter, together with the multi-user feature, made by PETER Diving System the lightest and most compact diving set ever.

To sum up, PETER is an out-of-the-box system. You just need to fill the tanks with air. The Basic Kit (without tanks) starts at 2,349 EUR, Steel Kit with a 12L steel cylinder comes to 2,589 EUR and the Carbon Kit (9L tank) as the best diving solution for yachts has a retail price of 2.879 EUR. Reasonable prices if you take into account how much a SCUBA set for only one person can cost and that these kits come with equipment for 2 divers, while the Extra Diver’s Kit to add a third is just 149 EUR.