Divine - Italian lady with German power

Divine is one of few motor yachts with hybrid propulsion. The yacht has a length of 40m and was designed by HydroTec (naval architecture and exterior design) in cooperation with the yard Columbus Yachts (part of the Palumbo Group). The interior design delivered Hot Lab.

Hybrid Propulsion – Three modes

Diesel Mode

With the clutch disengaged, the hybrid system is completely invisible. The vessel is propelled by the traditional propulsion system: primary engines, gearbox, shaft and propeller.

Electric Mode

This technology, several decades old, is often found on ferries and cruise ships. It is known as diesel-electric propulsion. The generators are running and provide current to the electrics panel which then regulates the electric motor as a service element. Each electric motor on the Columbus 40M Sport Hybrid absorbs 75 kW out of the available 200 kW, 100 kW per generator, for a total of 150 kW. 50 kW are therefore free for other uses. The clutch is engaged, the electric motor turns the gearbox which in turn revolves the propeller.

When under way in Electric Mode, the yacht behaves like a sailboat: there is no noise or vibration aboard, while her speed is relatively slow. Each motor’s upper limit of 75 kW gives the yacht a top speed of eight knots, but in complete silence. Another plus of the Electric Mode is fuel consumption: approx. 80 liters/hour, a notable advantage for a 40-meter long yacht.

Shaft Generator Mode

This is the most applied system in the maritime and yachting world. Here the primary engine turns the gearbox which then turns the shaft and propeller. When the clutch is engaged while the engine is running, the electric motor can be used as a generator: the primary engine runs the electric motor which in turn provides electricity. The primary generators are therefore turned off and all the vessel’s electrical

needs are satisfied by the electric motor. This allows for decreased fuel consumption as both generators are off and the primary engine is running under optimal load: with 2,000 hp available, an additional 75 kW (the maximum load for the electric motor) is insignificant in overall fuel consumption. With the generators off this mode not only decreases fuel consumption but also eliminates the need for generator maintenance during lengthy deliveries.

Divine Hybrid Yacht Columbus Yachts

The interior - light & bright

Main Specifications

Length over all:39.83 m
Length waterline:38.45m
Draft:1.75 m
Naval Architecture:HydroTec / Palumbo Group
Exterior Design:HydroTec / Palumbo Group
Interior Design:Hot Lab Yacht & Design
Displacement217 t (full load)
Main Engines:2 x MTU 12V2000 M94 (2x1432kW @ 2450 rpm)
Gear Boxes:2 x Reintjes WAF 542APS
Electrical Propulsion:2 x Siemens 2 x 60 Kw
Construction:Aluminum (hull and superstructure)