H2 Yachts and motioncode: blue developed a hydrogen yacht.

The developers had the goal to create a yacht that combines Zero-Emission technology with a great design, harmonious lines, and functionality.

The yacht has a fully electric propulsion system with a LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers) as an energy storage. The concept has enough to have an operating range of over 6,000 nautical miles at a speed of ten knots.

Michael Stusch explains that his goal was to orient themselves along the lines of the automotive industry and to integrate solar panels and a wind turbine in a modern and minimalist hull and superstructure design.
Maritime functionality coupled with a luxurious interior, which is unusual even for a superyacht of this size.
Michael Stusch himself has over 20 years of maritime experience as captain and lived for many years on his own yacht. He is a Chartered Engineer and is responsible for the naval architecture and concept idea of the vessel, the exterior and interior design, together with the design team motion code: blue developed from Graz in Austria.
The straight vertical bow and the Explorer shape which enable a 480m ² beach club with 2 pools, 2 decks, a fold-70m² large bathing platform and floor to ceiling windows were requirements for the design.
The sea view on the main deck, on which the salon and the open kitchen with bar, is made possible through the transparent bulwark and on the upper deck, which is fully reserved for the owner, to ceiling windows.
The upper deck has a front and a rear terrace, and a spa with sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi. The bedroom of the owner is wide open to the rear terrace and features a bar, which is right next to the sliding door, giving you the feeling of sitting outdoors.
The bridge deck is used as a dining room to aft and in addition to a dining table for 20 people, a bar and a wood stove for each piglet and pizza. The sea view from the bar is complemented by a 50cm high sofa that follows the main design line that runs from the bow to the stern of the upper deck.
Another distinctive feature is the sky lounge which has a retractable roof, which is as close when it rains in 30 seconds leaves. A waterfall connects the pools. It starts in the hot tub on the owner’s deck, running in the pool on the main deck, just behind the built-in pool chairs along the pool and ends in the lower deck.

Overview Hydrogen Yacht

Hydrogen Yacht H2 Yachts

The tender garages with 2 perfectly tailored to the mother ship tenders ( 7 and 11 meters ) and an SUV are located below the lower beach clubs. Fold side flaps make it possible to increase the lower beach club and serving as landing platforms for tender and other water toys. The balconies behind the side flaps can be used for fishing during the trip.
The 7.5-meter high bow provides a smoother ride at high seas and provides more space for tenders, jet skis and a submarine.
The terrace behind this is for the 2nd Owners reserved and can be separated by sliding doors, offering privacy in a hot tub in the other opens another waterfall. Stairs on the port and starboard – side retractable lead to a helicopter platform, which allows, thanks to its 7m diameter helipads an easy “touch and go”.

Since there is any technique in the tank deck, the entire lower deck VIP cabin and the crew can be used. The owner has the choice between 5 and 6 VIP crew cabins or any other combination.
In addition to the electric Voith-Schneider propellers that enable a silent cruising, full stabilization and dynamic positioning, located on the tank deck the necessary boat equipment, a crew mess with bar and dining room for the entire crew and a galley that seats up offers to 3 bosses.
The rest of the space is occupied by the 140,000-liter tank for the “Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers” ( LOHC ). This “fuel” is fluid and non-explosive under normal pressure and normal temperature. The stored hydrogen is burned to release in fuel cells, which generate up to 1-megawatt electrical energy to drive the motors and all other electrical equipment on board the 62-meter yacht.
Is thus fueled the self-powered yacht lying at anchor about 860m² of their solar panels and a wind turbine. The range is 6000 nautical miles at 10 knots.