A 90m superyacht design with a sporty look and focus on total privacy for the owner.

The incorporation of swift lines was an essential component of the design brief. Spadolini’s initial hand-drawn sketches featured a commanding shear for the main deck, accentuated by two robust convex lines for the owner and upper decks. The requisite straight lines for the bulwarks and decks were adroitly concealed by dynamic, flowing curves that culminated amidships before descending towards the spacious beach club.

Furthermore, the brief mandated two additional pivotal features. The yacht’s design should impart a sensation of proximity to the sea for guests, notwithstanding its 90-meter length. Additionally, it should afford the owner a high level of seclusion from other guests and crew.

Even among 90-meter yachts, Spadolini’s design distinguishes itself with the extensive area allocated to the aft beach club. The lower and main decks encompass a 150 square meter lounge area with twin fold-down balconies. In addition to a gym and bar, there is a sauna, massage, and relaxation area. The bathing platform itself measures 65 square meters, and the central aft cockpit above occupies another 150 square meters, suffused with natural light due to the shorter overhangs of the deck above.

90m Superyacht Tommaso Spadolini

Each cabin has its en-suite bathroom and ample storage space. The design team has also incorporated large windows in each cabin for natural light and stunning views.

The main deck is dedicated to entertainment and relaxation. It features a spacious salon with comfortable seating and a bar area, perfect for socializing with guests. Adjacent to the salon is a formal dining area that can accommodate many guests. The upper deck offers additional seating areas and a sky lounge, providing a more intimate gathering setting.

The yacht has state-of-the-art technology and amenities to ensure its guests’ comfort and convenience. Every detail, from the latest audiovisual systems to a fully equipped gym and spa, has been carefully considered.

In conclusion, this beach club is a testament to luxury and sophistication. Its design seamlessly blends privacy, elegance, and functionality, creating an unparalleled experience for its owner and guests.

90m Superyacht Tommaso Spadolini