Franco Gianni of SFG Yacht Design presents a very stylish center console boat called G2 Sixty.

With the G2 Sixty, Franco Gianni created a very impressive boat. Usually, center console boats are boring with a mainstream design. Just enough to go fishing. The G2 Sixty is with 18.2m very big for a center console yacht, comes with a very dynamic and progressive design. Furthermore, the yacht concept has folding platforms on port and starboard side.

The concept description says that there is an option for custom layouts for the interior. Moreover, also, the exterior layout and the chosen materials are customizable to meet the client’s requirements. The conceptual maximum speed of the G2 Sixty is up to 65 mph (56 knots) depending on the chosen engine configuration. The following options are available:

  • 5 x 400 Mercury Racing Outboards
  • 4 x 577 Seven Marine Outboards
  • 4 x 627 Seven Marine Outboards
  • 2 x Diesel inboards to surface drives
  • 2 x Gasoline inboards to surface drives

Main Specifications ofG2 Sixty

Length Overall






Top Speed