Italian yacht designer Marco Casali of Too Design sent me his modern, graceful designed concept Ribot 85.

The Ribot 85 features a floodable tender garage for a 35-feet to carry the guests directly inside the yacht with maximum privacy. On the foredeck is a touch and go helipad, 3 pools are available. A bigger one is above the main deck at the aft area, 2 smaller ones are on the private owner’s deck. One at the aft, the other one is forward located.

Ribot 85 Yacht Concept
Ribot 85 Motor Yacht
Ribot 85 Marco Casali

All guest cabins are located on the main deck. Each cabin is equipped with an own foldable private terrace. The Ribot 85 accommodates 12 guests and a crew of 22.

The owner’s deck has a focus on privacy. It’s not walkable or to look able by anybody. The upper deck has a lounge bar, a gym, and a sunbathing area.

Ribot 85 Concept Overview