Italian yacht builder Benetti announced a new Smart-Designed yacht line called "Benetti Now".

Benetti Now is the name of a new turnkey solution yacht line. Benetti calls it also “Smart-Designed Custom Series”. Smart stands for the experience of Benetti through the launch of over 350 yachts. Designed for pre-engineered vessels. Should Semi-Custom not the right word? I think yes, but Benetti promises a high level of customisation. So you can enjoy your personal luxury interior with a reduced construction time to a full-custom yacht. These yachts are a result meetings, market surveys, studies, insights and decisions. 

Together with yacht designer Stefano Natucci (exterior design) and Redman Whitely Dixon, the yard developed the B164 Ermes Est with a length of 50m, the B192 Zephiros (58.60m), the B214 Lothus (65m) and last but not least the B240 Olympus (73m).

Benetti Now B164 'Ermes Est' - 50m

Benetti Now B192 'Zephiros' - 58.60m

Benetti Now B214 'Lothus' - 65m

Benetti Now B240 'Olympus' - 73m

Stefano Natucci comments:

“With Benetti Now, I did what I wanted and Benetti got what it wanted. We worked together to achieve the same goal right from the outset through to the final pencil stroke. This is a winning design because it represents the perfect answer to current market needs. The style is clean and straightforward. I always work to obtain compactness, flowing lines and the right distribution of volumes. If the empty spaces are in the right places, the boat is beautiful. I love to change, but if I had to design these four boats again, I’d do it the exact same way”. These are the words of Stefano Natucci. The forward areas of the yacht are highly innovative and a lot of work has gone into exploiting them to the full. We have limited the technical spaces. In this area, you can do anything, even a disco. And that’s not all. A stairway connects this sea view salon to the interior salon”.

Construction of the of the 50-metre and the 65-metre model will start in the next few months.

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