Lorenzo Squadrito, Chief Designer of InMind Design created the stunning design of M/Y PHOENIX

Statement by the designer

“The design is characterised by two unique aspects. The first consists of large “fashion plates” that visually streamline the yacht’s profile, while creating an interesting optical illusion that draws the eye, giving the appearance of a greater number of decks than there actually are. It is always important within projects to develop elements related to neuro-architecture and the discipline is the cornerstone of this design. The second aspect is the alternation of using a play of solids to create external areas that are less exposed to the winds and the cold climate, but that still remains coherent and faithful to the surfaces required for the deckhouse. That because these are not to be considered as deckhouses precisely because they are open volumes. Thanks to the innovative, dynamic and modern design devices of the exteriors it is possible to live the experience of direct involvement with the surrounding snowy environment. The welcoming interiors of Phoenix, modern and innovative in form, open up offering the luxury of a warm mountain chalet.”