Moonen created with René van der Velden a new 47m explorer-typed motor yacht

This new concept is based on market research and client surveys. Moonen developed a modern and elegant explorer yacht within the 500 GT border for world traveling. The Navarino has no side deck on the main deck to increase the interior volume.

“In another new development, the aft deck lazarette of the Moonen Navarino is raised so that it is on the same level as the beach club. Dispensing with the normal split-level arrangement in this part of the yacht generates a considerable amount of space for enjoying the alfresco life and nature close to the water. The design team has lots of options for making the most of this unified space, the most pleasant place to relax when underway.”

“We designed this concept to showcase the different ways Moonen owners can enjoy a modern and innovative world traveling superyacht,” explains managing director Emile Bilterijst, a naval architect himself and part of the Moonen team that worked on this project with designer René van der Velden. “One of the reasons for Moonen’s reputation is our ability to offer motor yachts in all shapes and styles. In this respect, the Navarino can serve as a starting point for a client seeking a go-anywhere motor yacht or as inspiration to go in a completely different direction.” 

“In developing the Navarino we have moved away from the stereotypical image of explorer-type yachts as ‘toys for the boys,’” Bilterijst continues. “There is no golden rule which says world traveler superyachts need to have a masculine design. With her sleek looks and sophisticated main deck layout, the Moonen Navarino will change people’s perceptions of how an explorer should look or who might prefer to be on board. And this is why we prefer to call her a ‘go-anywhere’ superyacht.”