Yacht designer Alejandro Crespo unveiled his 105m explorer project called EQUILIBRIUM.

EQUILIBRIUM is a bold yet elegant styled explorer yacht design by Alejandro Crespo. The name has been chosen because of the balance between an expedition yacht to explore the colder regions in the northern areas of the world as well as the warmer areas with the whole superyacht standard of amenities.

Moreover, the bridge deck offers a helicopter hangar to welcome different models based on the Airbus ACH platform.

Alejandro Crespo describes the chosen hull color as follows:

“The color of the m/y Equilibrium is champagne‐green. A unique color‐scheme that stands out due to its shiny shades. At sunset, this color creates a perfect match with the metallic‐white tone on the upper part.”

EQUILIBRIUM features nightclub and beach club

The aft area houses a beach club on the lower deck and a nightclub above. Tempered glass surrounds the night club to ensure great 270-degree panoramic views. The 15m x 7m outdoor pool on the main deck is also part of the nightclub’s room. Another pool respectively Jacuzzi is integrated into the beach club that features a great design. There are also lounge areas and two bars.

The owners’ deck is right under the bridge deck and features an outdoor Jacuzzi, sunbathing, and two bars.

The upper deck has a large table and chill-out area with a fountain that falls into the pool on the main deck.

Main SpecificationsEQUILIBRIUM

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