Tommaso Spadolini unveiled the aluminum motor yacht models Montecristo 30 and Montecristo 43.

The focus of the development of the Montecristo 30 and Montecristo 43 is to have a compact yacht with large volumes. Both yacht models coming with hybrid propulsion. Battery banks providing electric-only mode, solar cells supply the hotel functions of the yacht.

“As a yacht designer, it’s my duty to look after the marine environment,” says Spadolini. “And I see more and more of my clients, perhaps encouraged by their children and grandchildren, taking a more proactive approach to sustainable yachting.”

Montecristo 30 Montecristo 43

The motor yachts have large foredecks for its sizes with sunbathing, pool, and lounge areas. The 43m version has five cabins in total. There are three VIP cabins and two single cabins. Furthermore, accommodation for a crew of six with the captain’s cabin on the main deck and direct access to the bridge.

The 30m has two VIP cabins and one single cabin and houses a crew of five.

“Clients today expect outstanding liveability, both inside and outside,” says the designer. “So from the start I decided a distinguishing feature of the series should be a widebody main deck to maximise the interior space. Another request is that they want to be able to make full use of the foredeck, which became a second signature feature.”

Montecristo 30 Montecristo 43