The daysailer Flax 27 doesn't feature just an excellent retro design, this lightweight boat is made of natural fiber composite (NFC)

Greenboats from Bremen, Germany builds boats made of natural fiber composite (NFC) – moreover, the green Bente 24, foiling kiteboard, skiff, and several onshore projects like a longboard, a camper cabin for a pickup truck and a case for wind turbines.

Daysailers are a rare sight on this channel, but a good second or third boat to the megayacht or a tender on the support vessel. It is faster ready to sail, or easy to navigate alone after a day of work. Furthermore, it can be placed near the owner’s primary residence and is easy to transport.

As the name implies, the boat’s primary material is flax. Additionally, the shipyard uses cork, recycled PET bottles, et cetera. Also, the optics of visible flax and the cork deck (grippy as teak) are a welcome variety. The electric motorboat X Shore Eelex 8000 uses a cork deck as well. Moreover, the superyacht industry adapts the technology – Baltic Yachts builds a 20m sailing yacht with flax called Baltic 68 Café Racer.

The Flax 27 is a retro design by the German yacht design studio judel/vrolijk, known for fast superyachts and successful racing yachts.

Natural Fiber Composite as hot new material

Using natural materials could be a new trend – also in the superyacht industry. Baltic Yachts announced the 68 feet Café Racer with the use of flax. With the projects named above, the material is proven in several projects. Sustainability becomes more and more important – even in construction materials, and the development goes forward.

I had the opportunity to test the boat with the CEO of Greenboats and a member of a team of the German sailing league. The sailing characteristics of the Flax 27 are excellent. The boat reacts quickly in very light winds and can be controlled agile – even single-handed.

The price of the Flax 27 is €149,500 (ready to sail).

Cork Deck Visible Flax Fiber

Visible flax and cork deck as an alternative to carbon and teak

Flax 27 Daysailer Torqeedo

The battery pack supplies the Torqeedo electric engine

Flax 27 Retro Daysailer

Main Specifications of FLAX 27

Length Overall






Draft (keel up)



Draft (keel down)