Created as a daysailer and weekender - the Baltic 68 Café Racer, made of flax and other sustainable features for greener yachting.

The Baltic 68 Café Racer appears with an excellent progressive and aggressive design. Moreover, is not only the design progressive but also the choice of materials. Baltic Yachts will use natural materials like flax, which can be very interesting. Some weeks ago, I sailed the small daysailer Flax 27 by Greenboats from Bremen, Germany. Alongside the exceptional performance of the boat, it is also the design with visible flax fibers (the “counterpart” of visible carbon fiber). Javier Jaudenes designed the 20m sailing yacht. He also draws the lines of the Baltic 108 WINWIN.

The designer comments:

“This is a yacht for owners and their friends who want their sailing exciting, easy, and enjoyable. When the mood takes them, the Café Racer is ready to GO! This is the essential modern weekender with a genuinely ‘green’ approach to construction and auxiliary power.“

Onboard energy

Two 15 kW electric engines by Oceanvolt supports port maneuvers and during low wind trips. To recharge the lithium battery, the yacht uses solar cells and a hydrodynamic generator. Furthermore, a microturbine serves as a range extender that can run on hydrogen or biofuels.

Baltic Yachts also focuses on the power consumption of the board systems:

“Our system mixes re-circulated, less humid air with fresh air to reduce the amount of power needed to maintain the desired onboard ‘climate.’ UV filters ensure the air is bacteria-free and solar panels can power the system in eco mode with no draw from the battery bank.”


Jens Paulus, a designer at Hermès and the naval architect of the yacht Javier Jaudenes, created a design that contains eco-materials like flax, linen, and leather.

Jens Paulus comments: “It’s a contemporary interior embracing the eco-spirit of the Café Racer. One of the main ideas behind the interior is to show as much as possible the shape of the hull and intensify that unique feeling of being inside a boat.”

Baltic 68 cafe racer sailing yacht Interior

Another design comes from Design Unlimited. They added some more colors

Mark Tucker from the studio annotates: “The Café Racer’s accommodation offers a comfortable and cosy place to relax after a day’s sailing. Our style options provide an appealing welcome and a great place to enjoy a good lunch after some excitement out on the water!”

A finished Baltic yacht with a related design is the Pink Gin

Baltic 68 cafe racer sailing yacht Interior

Main Specifications of the Baltic 68 Café Racer

Length Overall



Length Waterline









Deck Layout and General Arrangement

Baltic 68 Cafe Racer