Alarnia LLC created the very futuristic-looking project CRYSTAL MOON and CRYSTAL SAIL.

Alarnia LLC plans the explorer yacht concept with a length between 76.2 – 88.5 meters (pending final design) to be built in spacecraft grade Nippon steel (similar to SpaceX spacecraft material). The top speed is 17 knots, while the cruising speed is 15. Powered by a Rolls Royce diesel-electric propulsion system (2 x 2,225 kW generators), connected to 2 x 1,700 kW Azipull thruster pod drives, CRYSTAL MOON has an operating range of 5,000 nautical miles. At a later stage, a hydrogen-electric energy system could be possible.

The stern tender garage provides a Pascoe SY9 Beachlander, a Cockwells 9.5m Limousine, a Fassmer RIR 625, a Submarine, and jet skis to explore the closer locality. Crew tenders have a garage forward. The aft deck features four garaged helipads.

Interior of CRYSTAL MOON

Gian Paolo Nari designed the interior. No renderings yet, but Alarnia LLC describes it as follows: “Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the interior flood the space with natural light and provide endless vistas. Four spacious lounges and a double-level atrium.”

The yacht welcomes 16 guests in eight cabins on the main deck aft while the owner lives in an 80-square-meter suite on the upper deck forward, including an office and private gym.

Weather protection

When bad weather comes up, the decks can be lowered down to adjust the gravity of the yacht in storms.

Crystal Moon Motor Yacht Arlania LLC Crystal Moon Expedition Motor Yacht Arlania LLC

Crystal Sail

Across CRYSTAL MOON, there is also the CRYSTAL SAIL. Almost the same concept as above but as a three-masted sailing yacht.