In addition to Bnow by Natucci and Bnow Fast by Omega, Benetti presented the new line Bnow by RWD in November 2017 with the profile drawings only. Now they came up with 3d renderings of the Bnow 63.

Bnow by RWD (better known as Redman Whitely Dixon) designed a new luxury motor yacht line with one yacht of under 500 GT and the other ones in the sizes of 56m, 63m, and 68m.

There are currently no layouts available. Benetti describes as follows:

“The layouts feature a new and revolutionary concept of life on board, as well as an innovative use of space, with a very contemporary design approach that strives for high comfort on board and in which a key role is played by light.”

Bnow 63 exteriors

Bnow 63 interiors

Profile drawings of the range

Bnow by RWD under 500 GT

Under 500 GT

Bnow 56 RWD


Bnow 63 RWD


Bnow 68 Benetti RWD