Russian-based company Baikal Yachts Group presents a 36m trimaran concept.

Actually, the Baikal 36 SMT was developed for diving companies but I think with another interior layout it would be a nice private yacht.

Alongside her twin 800 HP and 200 HP diesel engines that power her up to 18 knots, the boat can drive fully electric on short distances. Batteries can be refilled through the solar panels on the bimini and on the outriggers.

Baikal 36 SMT Trimaran Motor Yacht

The concept comes from Sergey Gmyra, the boat was designed by Maksim Lodkin. The vessel has a length of 36 meters and a beam of 22 meters. The length can be scaled up to 46m with a constant beam.

“Unlike of most other vessels designed for divers the trimaran Baikal 36 SMT is stable on the water: due to the bigger distance between auxiliary bodies rolling motions are negligible. The vessel, as per designers’ calculations, will be stable under any wave direction.”

Baikal 36 SMT Trimaran Motor Yacht

In the presented version for diving companies, the vessel has 13 cabins in the main hull and crew cabins for up to 12 people in the outriggers.

Baikal 36 SMT Trimaran Motor Yacht

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