Helicopters on yachts are the most expensive tenders but also very fast tenders to provide an express transport. Here comes the Airbus H145 in its Mercedes-Benz Style.

Airbus H145 in Mercedes-Benz Style edition comes with a luxurious interior to explore the world around your yacht in a comfortable cabin.

“Inspired by the top-of-the-range vehicles of the brand with the star, the H145 Mercedes-Benz Style offers a redesigned cabin interior that includes in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, an improved infotainment system and new seat design for increased ergonomic comfort,” said Frederic Lemos, Airbus Helicopters’ Head of Private & Business Aviation Europe. “Customers wishing to further personalize their aircraft will be able to work directly with Airbus Helicopters and the creative design teams at Mercedes-Benz Style to define their unique cabin environment”. 

The interior has a flexible arrangement. You can fly with 4 or eight passengers or your crew can remove the seats to transport luggage or bigger goods.

Mercedes-Benz Style is also known for their work on the yacht model Arrow460.