Dynamiq Yachts introduces the Global 550, a contemporary and versatile 55m explorer yacht that embodies understated luxury. This 55-meter superyacht revolutionizes unrestricted global travel and offers a compelling alternative to similar vessels.

Setting a new benchmark for efficiency, the Global 550 features a robust yet lightweight all-aluminum hull. It is propelled by two remarkably efficient 625 kW Volvo Penta heavy-duty engines, enabling it to achieve an impressive transatlantic range of over 5,000 nautical miles on a single fuel tank. As a true explorer, it boasts exceptional autonomy, with a substantial 21,000-liter capacity for fresh water and ample storage spaces distributed throughout the yacht.

The yacht’s specifications include cutting-edge technologies that ensure unparalleled comfort on board. Unlike the industry standard of two stabilizer fins, the Global 550 is equipped with four, in addition to a Hull Vane, resulting in exceptional pitch and roll reduction and providing a smooth sailing experience for clients, regardless of sea conditions. Furthermore, the yacht’s environmental impact is significantly minimized through the utilization of smaller IMO Tier III engines and a battery system, as well as the incorporation of state-of-the-art exhaust gas and water treatment filtration solutions.

The most notable aspect of this superyacht is the meticulous focus on nature observation. Each deck has panoramic lounges, with the highest one at the crow’s nest. Additionally, the yacht is equipped with underwater drones and a telescope to enhance the experience. Other impressive features include a fully certified helipad for commercial use, a luxurious spa area with a hammam and sauna, and a spacious owner’s office on the main deck that also serves as an observation lounge. What sets this yacht apart is that these features have been ingeniously incorporated within a compact space of under 500 GT.

Another significant aspect of this project is the introduction of ZROBIM architects, renowned residential designers, into the realm of yachting. They have successfully applied their land-based design expertise to create superyacht interiors.

During their collaboration with Dynamiq, ZROBIM architects have greatly emphasized the concept of understated luxury. This concept is rooted in the notion that affluent consumers have shifted their priorities and behaviors towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

In light of this, ZROBIM architects have delved into the emerging “natural minimalism” trend. Incorporating natural elements such as American oak, wenge, and dark Shimo ash into the design has prevented the interiors from becoming cold and austere. Instead, they have created a warm, tactile, and embracing atmosphere. Given that the superyacht is intended for long journeys in cold waters, ZROBIM architects aimed to ensure that this extended voyage would evoke a sense of home, a connection to the earth, and an association with comfort, coziness, and mental well-being even in the most remote corners of the world.

The yacht’s interior is characterized by the individuality and unique ambiance achieved by incorporating art objects crafted from aged wood and wall decorations featuring textured wooden panels of various shapes. These elements enhance the yacht’s aesthetics and serve the purpose of zoning the space. The seamless integration of the exterior and interior is achieved through the full-height windows and large outdoor terraces that offer breathtaking views of the sea. The natural surroundings perfectly complement this super-technological and modern facility for sea travel.

The esteemed Monaco-based studio Dobroserdov Design executed the yacht’s exterior design. At the same time, the naval architecture was entrusted to the long-term Dynamiq partners, Vripack Design, who have applied the highest Dutch standards in engineering this superyacht. The construction time for the Global 550 is estimated to be 30 months from the signing of the contract. This BV commercial and fully REG-compliant superyacht is currently listed for 27,900,000 EUR, valid until the end of 2023.