Sofia III Moonen Yachts

SPOTLIGHT ON: Sofia III by Moonen Yachts

Dutch shipyard Moonen delivered Sofia III to an experienced yacht owner.

Moonen Shipyards in the Netherlands has launched the 42-metre custom motor yacht Sofia for a repeat client. As well as being the largest superyacht launched to date by the yard, Sofia also features a three-seat submarine, a wide range of other technical innovations, and outstanding noise & vibration attenuation. Inside and out, this highly sophisticated custom project captures the essence of why Moonen is among the finest yacht builders in the world today.

A crossover between go-anywhere expedition vessels and the classic modern yachts that are Moonen’s hallmark, Sofia was custom-designed with safety, functionality and redundancy to the fore. Built to Lloyds and MCA, she implements the latest building techniques with top-of-the-line equipment and systems.

Sofia III by Monnen Yachts
Sofia III by Monnen Yachts
Sofia III by Monnen Yachts

The eye-catching yellow submarine tender is a C-Quester 3 by U-Boat Worx with a weight of 4.5 tonnes. It is stored on the bathing platform that has an integrated hidden crane to launch the submarine.

Sofia’s owner first teamed up with Moonen almost a decade ago. “In 2004 I embarked on a quest to find a high-quality motor yacht that would allow me to cruise the world in comfort together with the sail yacht,” he explains. “My research led me to Moonen Shipyards, where I purchased the brand-new Moonen 84 Sofia (now Eleonora). I then commissioned a new Moonen 97 to meet my personal requirements, which was duly launched in 2008.

My experiences with Sofia and Sofia II emphasized the quality of design and build of Moonen. The yachts were safe, solid and reliable even in rough weather. I welcomed many experienced sailors and owners on board, and all were impressed by the construction quality, low noise levels and immaculate carpentry work.

When the time came to fashion my new yacht, therefore, the choice to partner again with Moonen was easily made. This third Sofia would be the yard’s largest yacht to date and – unprecedented for her size – carry a private submarine. Although the design started with a two-seat craft, during the construction we switched to a three-seater. This decision influenced the complete design and made the challenge even greater, but Moonen responded with typical flair.”

Sofia 3 Moonen Yachts

Sofia also brings together some of the finest creative minds and hands in the Dutch superyacht industry. Designed by René van der Velden, Stolk Marimecs was responsible for the complex naval architecture and engineering. Frank Pieterse and Marilyn Bos – de Vaal from Art-Line then went on to develop the remarkable interior, which features a wide range of genuinely innovative features. The experts at Inoferro had their work cut out to incorporate the wealth of stainless steel detailing, as did the woodworkers and many other craftsmen across all disciplines from Moonen Shipyards. The result is a triumph.

Van der Velden also designed the initial layout for the interior before being joined on the project by Art-Line, who had also worked on the owner’s two previous boats. The result is a plethora of rounded curves, including the phenomenal oval staircase in the center of the boat with a skylight that bathes the interior with natural light. Art-Line also chose the woods and the fabrics in close conjunction with the owner. A unified color scheme applies throughout, combining traditional oak and Zebrano veneers with off-white and camel-colored materials such as coconut paper. All the cabinets have a high degree of complex horizontal joinery, and the entire interior is notably tactile.

“Spatial planning is a very important starting point for every design, and certainly on Sofia where the owner required as great a possible connection between the different decks,” explains Art-Line’s Frank Pieterse. “We set out to enhance the way space is experienced, how the perspectives work, how people move from one area to another. The desire for open spaces meant coming up with various innovative solutions, and our knowledge of the technical possibilities and limitations increased our room for maneuver. At Art-Line we are also very aware of how flexible Moonen is as a yard and we were able to lean on each other’s knowledge to create a very special interior.”

Main Specifications

Length over all:41.78 m
Length Waterline:38.60 m
Beam:8.90 m
Draft:2.45 m
Exterior design:René van der Velden
Interior:Art-Line Interiors
Top Speed:14,5 knots
Cruising Speed:12 knots
Range @ 9 knots:5,000 nm
Fuel:47,000 l

Profile & Layouts

yacht sofia by moonen yachts

Yacht Sofia III Moonen
Sun Deck

Sofia Moonen Yacht
Upper Deck

Moonen Sofia Yacht
Main Deck

Sofia Yacht
Lower Deck

More Impressions

Migaloo Private Submarine Yacht

MIGALOO - Private Submersible Yacht Concept

The Austrian yacht design studio motion code: blue designed a 115-meter private luxury submarine with 6 decks called MIGALOO.

At the moment, motion code: blue has some projects which produce in series and some custom made projects in build for customers in Asia, Europe and the United States of America.

The studio sees itself as a trendsetter in the yachting industry with central European quality, high design understanding and an enormous degree of innovations. All designs follow the maxim: „Most advanced, yet acceptable“.

To motion code: blues’ services belongs: Yacht Exterior Design, Interior Design, Architecture and the Building Supervision of all creative works.

After intensive research and analysis, and based on the excellent knowledge of current yachting industry MIGALOO the project was launched whose main goal is to do the ever-growing need for personalization and unique setting averaging enough. The studio has often made the experience that an increasing number of yacht owners provide very specific and unusual requests and suggestions to their future yacht to the designers, who are often also held in great detail in the briefing. Following this trend, provides motion code: blue MIGALOO now with an exciting concept for an open-minded owner that satisfies the urge for more and more extravagant ideas and the studio providing the ability to present itself as an innovative design studio.

The two directors and yacht designer Christopher Gloning & Christian Gumpold had the idea to transform the known and proven cigar-shaped appearance of a conventional submarine into a superyacht that has all the modern amenities comparable yachts, but the extra unbeatable advantage offers, dive under the water line to be able to so reside in absolute intimacy and privacy and to travel. The additional benefit of a serene underwater ride in choppy water is not too bad.

The hull of the 115-meter long and 11-meter wide MIGALOO is identical to the present Submarines. Only the tower was lengthened and widened to accommodate the formal saloon and the subsequent, spacious staircase, together with its lift to all floors.

The enormous surface of the aft deck offers a variety of options and is luxuriously furnished accordingly. A lounge area, sun loungers, a bar, an 8 x 3-meter pool and a helipad located on deck.

If MIGALOO submerged, all furniture is stored in large hatches, the bottom of the pool after pumping the selfsame lifted and locked, so that a homogeneous cover surface is produced which has no disturbing elements.

The foredeck is completely dedicated to the owner and his privacy. A private lounge with sun loungers, bar and separate access to the two-storey master suite below are the main features of this area. Sun protection is a telescoping roof that is flush and homogeneous in the deck design & integrated with a diving trip to the contour lines.

The spacious sun deck on the tower completes the outdoor offering MIGALOO. Access to this area offer 2 wide staircases leading from the main deck of the symmetric top, but you can also easily take the lift from inside that connects all decks, including the sun deck.

The telescoping roof provides sun protection and is also closed when the owner and his guests plan a diving trip.

For the crew, the design studio has provided an outdoor pulpit at the front of the control tower, from where there from the best view of the entire yacht and also, in turn, can be hermetically sealed. The main bridge is located just below the front of the main deck as well as all the necessary control consoles and technical spaces that are necessary for the submarine ride.

By the well known and very much optimized hull design that is inspired by existing submarines, all technical components are as usual positioned through the large space in the interior, there are no limiting factors, the ergonomics on board and the privacy of owners and guests could interfere.

8 VIP suites are located on sub-deck 2 and 3 while the owner resides on 2 levels on sub-deck 1 (main deck) and second.

A cinema, a library, a gym with spa facilities and a games room are also available to ensure absolute comfort when the action moves for longer trips below the waterline.

2 hatches on each side open to 4 large terraces communicate ship, forming a huge beach club. Also, a large dining area with 2 of the 4 terraces follows the saloon in sub-deck 1, then the Beach Club also offers 2 large terraces Beach luxury waterfront access. Indoor hot tub and lounges evaluate this area right on the water line to extremely, easy connection to the upper deck and its lounges about connecting these two oases of relaxation, convenient and quick access to the water is thus given by all decks.

Detachable awning on each deck guarantees the best possible protection against intense sunlight.

A wide range of tenders and toys can also be accompanied by the possibility of increasing trends by private mini-submarines was also considered appropriate ceiling heights and space offers are available.

Sub-deck 4 and parts of sub-deck 5 are completely reserved for the crew cabins, crew mess, laundry, crew gym, etc are located on the lower levels, while the main kitchen ergonomically and logistically smart to sub-deck 2 equal is positioned next to the dining room. Hidden Stairs and smaller kitchens allow efficient and fast work of all parties to the service for owners and guests to make the best possible.

All hull windows are made of special glass that can withstand the pressure of the water when MIGALOO goes diving trip. The windows are all surrounded by light sources, thus always guaranteeing optimal lighting conditions of the surrounding underwater world.

On the diving trip, it so well happens that you pass in a school of whales while taking a tea and in the saloon leads an inspiring conversation.

MIGALOO project is named after the world’s only albino humpback whale cruises off the east coast of Australia. MIGALOO means, according to an ancient expression of the Aborigines “White guy “.

The similarities between the submarine and the whale are obvious: both are the only white representatives of their type, all other submarines are painted dark.

The fantastic idea to cross a submarine with a superyacht makes use of familiar forms and these adapted features of the charm inherent in this concept.

The design team of motion code: blue is proud to have taken this step and to inspire the yacht scene with this innovative concept and to make open-minded owners attention to themselves.