Nobiskrug 80m Yacht

80m Hull for Nobiskrug

A new 80m yacht by Nobiskrug is on the way.

The new yacht is designed by Gregory C. Marshall and will be delivered in 2019. The yard talks about new standards with the use of glass on superyachts.

Nobiskrug 80m Yacht
80m Nobiskrug Yacht

Pictures © Thomas Nägele – Thanks for the permission for publishing

Wally 83m Explorer Nobiskrug

Wally & Nobiskrug with 83m

The Wally spirit combined with German craftsmanship by Nobiskrug: The 83m Wally Explorer

Details of the Nobiskrug / Wally 83m explorer are currently confidential but I hope that we can see more of this interesting project of the well-known luxury yacht brands.

“Wally and Nobiskrug finalised this important partnership to create an unprecedented synergy in the industry: the best technology and production capacity for mega and giga yachts of Nobiskrug, combined with the undiscussed talent for innovation of Wally,” announces Luca Bassani, Wally President, adding “We are very proud that Nobiskrug selected Wally to innovate the mega yacht market while Wally wants to offer the best building opportunity for its one-of-a-kind projects. Nobiskrug is known for their strength in the engineering and indisputable manufacturing quality of large superyachts in steel and this partnership will strategically complement our business portfolio”, concludes Bassani.

Wally 83m Explorer Nobiskrug

“Combining skills and experience from both our companies, we look forward to a close and successful collaboration. We share the vision of providing our superyacht customers with innovative technology combined with best yacht building quality and this will be the main drive for our cooperation,” said Holger Kahl, Managing Director of Nobiskrug.

White Pearl A Sailing Yacht

Sailing Yacht A

German TV station NDR captured the sailing yacht A by Nobiskrug with a drone on sea trials.

Update February 3rd: Sailing Yacht ‘A’ is delivered to the owner.

Follow the link for more pictures at,whitepearl124.html

Insight into Nobiskrug Shipyard during superyacht building

Take a look into a Nobiskrug yacht during the building process.