Feadship unveiled a glimpse of the 85-meter motor yacht concept SLICE.

SLICE reflects the opinions of the current superyacht owners but also ideas from Studio de Voogt. The yacht concept has new ways to bring natural light into the inside of the yacht.

“Several ideas posited by these ground-breaking concepts have seen the light of day with actual Feadship builds. The concepts also build on one another, leveraging the best ideas of design, engineering, and innovation.”

SLICE has a 110 square meter multilevel pool deck aft as a future version of a beach and exclusive open-air cabana club.

Feadship Motor Yacht Slice

The propulsion system allows an efficient way to cruise at 16 knots with non-fossil fuels.

“The system is forward-thinking, anticipating more energy dense batteries and durable power-dense fuel cell solutions that may be (re)fitted when available.”

More information will be available soon.

Feadship Motor Yacht Slice Interior