RAVEN - a 34m fast day sailing superyacht with the aptitude for high-speed ocean crossings.

RAVEN reached speeds far over twenty knots during the sea trials. The full-speed potential has to be tested in optimal sailing areas. Responsible for the naval architecture is Botin Partners, while Jarkko Jämsén made the sailing yacht RAVEN’s overall concept (exterior and interior design).

The completion of Raven’s two-year build and trials period is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the team at Baltic Yachts, who undertook an exhaustive weight-saving program and incorporated advanced carbon composite components into the yacht’s structure to achieve optimal performance. The result is a stunning example of interior design and a revolutionary sailing yacht that is sure to turn heads in the yachting world.

As Raven is handed over to her owner in October, the team at Baltic Yachts looks forward to seeing her continue to push the boundaries of sailing technology and performance. The success of this project is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of excellence in the yachting industry.

Raven currently utilizes a full main sail and a triple-headed sail plan consisting of a Code sail positioned on the bowsprit and a jib and staysail. This configuration allows the yacht to utilize its foiling capability effectively. The design of Raven enables it to sail on its chine, with the leeward foil providing significant support to its displacement. Additionally, the yacht’s transom remains submerged and has trim tabs that can be adjusted to modify the fore and aft trim.

Photographs depict Raven sailing under moderate wind and sea conditions, achieving speeds in the high 20s. As the initial sailing trials in Finland are nearing completion, preparations are being made to transfer the yacht to a location that will offer suitable conditions for further testing, training, and performance enhancement.

The management of Raven’s sailing team is entrusted to Klabbe Nylöf, while the experienced offshore sailor Damien Durchon serves as the yacht’s skipper. They have assembled a group of sailors with extensive experience in high-performance sailing who can be called upon as needed. Additionally, a shore-based technical team is responsible for overseeing the ongoing development of Raven.

Photos by Eva-Stina Kjellman, Dan-Erik Olsen and Tom van Oossanen.