Nadir - a Grand Tourer on the sea, designed by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi.

Grand Tourer typically, the yacht concept was developed for speed, but also to sail comfortably on longer distances. A concept for owners who loves to enjoy cruising with family and friends. Nadir welcomes up to eight guests (to sleep aboard) plus five crew members. The yacht has also enough speed to challenge other yachts at regattas.

The tender storage is in the stern, so there are no disturbing things on the flush foredeck. Also, the crew area is at the stern with direct access. The galley has also a direct access to the dining area and the crew mess. That provides more privacy for the guests in the cockpit and the dining area.

The flat superstructure features big windows to have much natural light in the interior. The riggings working hidden under the deck.

Main Specifications of NADIR

Length over all:33.79 m
Length waterline:31.80 m
Beam:7.85 m
Draft:3.50 m - 5.50 m (Lifting Keel)
Material:pre-preg carbon fibre and epoxy resin (sandwich construction)