Princess Yachts announces their new R-Class 35 as R/Evolution.

There is currently not much information available about Princess Yachts’ new boat class. The boat was developed together with BAR Technologies to create this carbon fiber motor yacht. The prototype is wrapped in a new version of Dazzle Camouflage, designed by Katie Sheppard of the Plymouth College of Art.

Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman of Princess Yachts says:

“We pride ourselves on creating yachts of exceptional design and quality. Now, working together with BAR Technologies we are thrilled to be working on a brand-new fully carbon fiber yacht that will deliver an exhilarating experience through bold innovation and cutting-edge technology. While we cannot reveal more at this point we are confident this entirely new class of yacht, which is one of the most exciting and revolutionary products Princess has developed will become this year’s most sought-after product.”

R-Class Princess Yachts