Alva Yachts is a yacht brand from Germany that developed a range of full-electric catamarans with solar panels on the roof. Here presented as  Ocean Eco 90.

Alva Yachts is a new brand with a focus on eco-friendly yachts. Alongside this catamaran yacht, the brand also offers the monohull sailing yacht OCEAN SAIL 82, a 60-feet catamaran and floating homes. The design comes from HENNDESIGN.

The 27m full-electric yacht features a 200 sqm surface of solar panels with 40 kWp to support the battery pack. Furthermore, a hydrogen fuel cell is available. In its full-electric version, the Ocean Eco 90 has 2 x 500 kW electric motors. Another version is the hybrid yacht with 2 x 250 kW electric engines and 2 x 456 kW.

Full-Electric Yacht Ocean Eco 90 Alva Yachts HENNDESIGN

“Alva Yachts uses high-quality recycled metal, as well as recycled insulation material, and is testing solutions using cork decking and flax for composite work.
The company has also pledged to offset any carbon that it can’t reduce or replace by using green electricity and sustainable materials in the production phase”

Main Specifications of the Ocean Eco 90

Length Overall



Length Waterline