JULIET is a 44m sailing yacht by Royal Huisman from 1993. Now she gets a hybrid propulsion system.

JULIET is a design by Pieter Beeldsnijder (1937 – 2016) and features naval architecture by Ron Holland. The yacht was built in 1993 and is a repeat client of Huisfit for the fourth time. Now, JULIET is getting fit for the future with a hybrid propulsion system. A technology that got a lot of attention in the last years but it is not new to Royal Huisman. In 2009, they launched ETHEREAL (very similar exterior design to JULIET) and in 2014 ELFJE with a hybrid system.

Hybrid systems aren’t just greener that becomes more and more important for several areas around the world. It is also more comfortable to get energy from efficient battery banks instead of a generator that produces power for all the hotel functions, hydraulics, and electrics on big yachts.

The Hybrid Propulsion on Sailing Yacht JULIET

JULIET gets an advanced battery bank to power the amenities, electrics, hydraulics and the electric main engine in silent mode. The battery can be recharged with generators or under sail when the engine works as a shaft generator. The generators are a backup solution and allows redundance – the main engine is the first choice to reload the battery.

Not a party superyacht: JULIET visits the most beautiful places in the world. Photos by Captain Jonathan Allan

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