Mallorca-based yacht designer Alvaro Aparicio de Leon (finalist ShowBoats International's "Young Designer of the Year 2012" awards) presents his newest yacht concept - the 114m INES.

INES features a sleek powerful exterior design with a nearly vertical bow. The yacht has a beam of just 15m instead of 18 – 20 in that size.

The designer comments:

“Most of the yachts of similar size that I’ve seen to me looked too big, more like transatlantic cruisers. I decided to find out if I could make a sleeker one. That what I was looking for — volume of a 95 – 100 m yacht on a bigger vessel.”.

The concept features one helipad aft behind the large sundeck and another slideout helipad on the bow.

The owner of INES has a private deck with walk-in wardrobe, office, his and hers bathrooms and the master suite. Furthermore, there is space for a private lounge, a cinema, a library or two VIP cabins. Mr. Aparicio de Leon describes the forward lounge as very well thought and organized. “Many times I’ve seen yachts that have this area closed, so the owners lose some precious space. I thought there should be a place to sit and relax and enjoy the cruise”. 

The yacht concept accommodates 20 guests in total and a crew of 42 people will serve guests and vessel.

Ines Alvaro Aparicio de Leon Motor Yacht Design

The main tender storage is forward of the huge beach club area. There is space for two limo tenders in the sizes of 10.80m and 8m. Furthermore, there is a U-Boat Worx Superyacht Sub 3 – a private submarine for three persons – and four jet skis. Two RIBs for the crew are placed under the helipad on the bow.

Ines Alvaro Aparicio de Leon Motor Yacht Design

The designer uses traditional portholes in the concept including one very big on the waterline that is part of an underwater lounge.

“The portholes are really old-style. I like them, I think it’s something yachting should never lose with all the brand new designs that we see today. Everybody’s now creating yachts like if they were Lamborghinis… So futuristic. I want to keep making something modern but timeless”

A previous project by Alvaro Aparicio de Leon

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