Lorenzo Squadrito of InMind Design presents the awarded 60.80m ketch concept ILLUSION.

The yacht designer Lorenzo Squadrito used consolidated progress of psychology and neuroarchitecture for the development of ILLUSION. The yacht received the “Perini Navi” price with the honorable presence of Sergio Mattarella, the president of the Italy.

The whole project is a great eye-catcher but there are also awesome details like the telescope stern transom.

The deckhouse uses Aerogel to allow sunlight inside but it also provides thermic isolation.

“The use of a fluorescent paint to optimise the perception of the surrounded space and highlighting the instrumentation, as winch, in the nocturnal phase avoiding so, small daily incidents”

The interior features home automation technology. “It is in fact possible to change the colours and materials of the walls and, project the view in real time, on the walls, providing the sensation of being an open space.”

The designer and the artful hologram presentation of the concept

Sergio Mattarella and Lorenzo Squadrito during price-giving ceremony