Cyrus Yachts from Turkey (Partnership with Vitters Shipyards) launched the 80 feet (24 m) sailing yacht BLISS 2 (bd80) designed by beiderbeck designs from Bremen, Germany.

Photos by Dijana Nukic of Foto Fische

BLISS 2 had her first successful sea trials and satisfied the naval architects from beiderbeck designs, her suppliers, and people who were involved the project. BLISS 2 has a very elegant design which makes her light-flooded. An eye-catcher is a contrast between the metallic white-colored hull and her dark windows under her rail. The windows don’t just “look good,” they provide an all-around vision without a pilothouse.

Thanks to the lightweight construction of glass fiber and carbon fiber (including carbon rig), the yacht reacts promptly when the wind blows moderately in the 300 m² sail area.

Captain Henk van der Vaart comments:

“The ship is truly unique. There is probably no other with merit on details.”

Bliss 2 was listed for sale with an price of EUR 3,300,000.

Main Specifications of BLISS 2

Length over all:23.97 m
Beam:5.85 m
Draft:2.70 to 4.40 (lifting keel)
Displacement:36 t
Ballast:12.5 t
Construction:GFK / CFK-Sandwich
Mast Height:34.60 m
Sailing Area (close to the wind):298 m²
Main Sail:173 m²
Jib:125 m²
Sailing Area (before the wind):423 m²
Engine:Steyer Diesel (190 HP)