Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design unveil APEX 850 - a concept for the world's biggest sloop-rigged sailing yacht in the world.

Biggest yacht in the world with sloop rig incoming? Royal Huisman built two of the largest sailing yachts in the world: SEA EAGLE II and ATHENA. Even Royal Huisman’s subsidiary Rondal that is next to the shipyard proved that they could build massive sailing rigs made of carbon fiber. With designer Malcolm McKeon is a very renowned designer involved who created excellent modern sailing yachts.

The air-draft of the low-profiled APEX 850 is 107 meters. The overall length of the yacht is 85m, while the size of the waterline is 79 meters. The beam of the aluminum hull is 15 meters.

APEX 850 will have diesel-electric propulsion with an optimized energy management system—the twin propellers also working as hydrodynamic generators to recharge the batteries under sail. The battery bank Is large enough to support the hotel functions over the night without the use of generators.

Malcolm McKeon:

“When working at these scales, comfort and performance need never be compromised. Our evolution of the APEX 850 has allowed us to look beyond finding an ‘acceptable balance’ to focus, instead, on a heightened and indeed optimized partnership between each of these integral aspects of the concept.”

Sail System

The sailing system can hoist the mainsail and the blade head sails within just a few minutes. Below the deck is a giant spool to store the 2.800 sqm code zero. The crew can control the sails via touch screens and remote controllers.

Main Specifications of Apex 850

Length over all:85.00 m
Length Waterline:79.00 m
Beam:15.00 m
Draft:8.5 m - 5.0 m
Air Draft:107 m
Sail Area (upwind):3.200 sqm
Sail Area (downwind):4.700 sqm
Rig:Mast and boom made of carbon-fiber with integrated sailing system by Rondal
Classification:Lloyd’s + REG Large Yacht Code
Apex 850 Royal Huisman Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

General Arrangement