Admiral published a stack of exterior and interior pictures of the C-Force 50 OURANOS.

OURANOS is a 50m motor yacht built for a repeat client, designed by Jure Bukavec of  UNIELLé Yacht Design. Admiral describes her as one of the most silent yachts with a traditional propulsion system below under 500 GT. The yacht is constructed with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure.

The yacht designer comments: “The C-Force 50 ‘Ouranos’ follows the Admiral C Force fleet exterior styling concept. Modern and aggressive lines are emphasized by the M/Y ‘Ouranos’ black and white simplicity. I believe we have succeeded in effectively solving the challenge of designing a 50-meter yacht with under 500 gross tonnage with a clean styling solution which shows that a design limitation can sometimes lead to a better and more innovative result.

One of the most notable features of the C-Force fleet is the double high central window. There are several design variations of it including one with a balcony.

The main idea is to bring more light where is the most needed, into the main and upper deck salon. In this way, we create a penthouse style interior ambiance. Seen from the exterior, the window is a straight vertical cut which doesn’t interrupt the exterior lines”.

The interior was created by Gian Marco Campanino in cooperation with Admiral Centro Stile.

Some more impressions of OURANOS