beiderbeck designs, located in Germany’s yacht valley designed a privacy-focused 90m yacht concept called bd90.

bd90 has privacy for the owners in focus. A charter is possible with this concept, but the designers following a classical yacht concept chiefly. The yacht has a top speed of 21 knots.

The owner has a 150m² penthouse with an all-around terrace. At the aft area is the place for a 3D cinema. The owner’s area has an own bathroom with whirlpool and a dressing room towards. Also, an office, a bar, library and a private gym.

12 additional guests can be welcomed to enjoy a great luxurios time onboard. A crew of 26 people serves the guests, the owners, and the yacht.

The tenders can be stored forward under the touch-and-go helicopter pad.

I don’t know if I can call the stern area an artwork, a stage or simply a wellness area. Very well-designed with sunshades, bathing platform, sunbathing area and stairs for an easy access to the water.

bd90 beiderbeck designs 90m motor yacht