Valerio Rivellini presents the 56m Extended Explorer yacht design with lines of a military vessel and hybrid propulsion system.

The Extended Explorer has been designed as a family cruising yacht. The stern area can be extendable twin deck. There can be an outdoor gym, sunbathing area, and a big shaded place.

Rivellini, naval engineer and yacht designer, explains:

“Like many of my other projects, Extended Explorer is the upshot of the desire to make a dream come true: this superyacht was designed for families who want to cruise around the world, alternating between landscapes that are totally different to one another from every point of view, starting with the climate and the sea. While Extended Explorer’s stability and robustness enable it to tackle the icy seas of the North in total safety and comfort, the exterior spaces are ideal for fully enjoying the warmer seas, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, thanks to their breadth and versatility, which are further enhanced by the extendable stern.”

Interior of Extended Explorer

“The interiors, with a layout customizable according to the owners’ preferences, are characterized by an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, where the chosen lines and materials are reminiscent of a marine environment, thanks also to the choice of nubuck leather fabrics in blue shades and white lacquer. The concept proposed by Rivellini envisages a super-panoramic owner’s suite on the Upper Deck, naturally full beam, from which the surrounding landscape and, without any visual interruption, also the wheelhouse can be observed.”