POWER PLAY Support Vessel

Support Vessel POWER PLAY by Damen

Damen built a new support vessel: POWER PLAY

POWER PLAY is a sister ship of SHADOW (ex New Frontiers) and AXIS (ex Fast and Furious). The Vessel marks the sixth delivery of the YS 5009 range. The superyacht support vessel accommodates six guests in three cabins. Guests can enjoy a sundeck and a lounge with a panoramic view.

POWER PLAY Support Vessel
POWER PLAY Support Vessel

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen:

“It’s inspiring to see how a new generation of owners is driving this market. It’s very dynamic, it’s not the conventional thinking about luxury yachting. Our clients have fantastic ideas for diving, aircraft, luxury toys and serious boats. They are planning adventures of a lifetime and even getting involved in underwater exploration, science, film-making or racing yacht events. As a shipbuilder, it’s exciting to be a part of making their ideas a reality.”

POWER PLAY Support Vessel Dive Center

50 m² Dive Center

POWER PLAY Support Vessel

Equipped with a 12 t crane and an A-Frame crane at the aft

NEW FRONTIERS (now SHADOW) – a sister of the new one

ROSETTI Superyachts 48

Rosetti 48 Support Vessel

Alongside the 85m supply vessel presented in 2017, Rosetti Superyachts comes up with 48m version.

Like the other yacht concepts, also the RSY 48 comes has been designed by Tommaso Spadolini. This supply vessel can also be built with an ice-class hull.

Fulvio Dodich, CEO of Rosetti Superyachts says:

“Incorporating the philosophy of our 85m Supply Vessel into a 48m yacht of less than 500 GT was quite a challenge. It meant optimizing the interior and exterior layout to ensure efficient use of space, while maintaining independent circulation flows for guests and crew. At the same time, we were able to offer custom options to suit the lifestyles of different owners and enhance the yacht’s flexibility.”

The aft deck has a length of 18m and serves as a touch-and-go helipad, party deck or storage for a number of tenders and toys. Also, an infinity swimming pool is possible.

ROSETTI Superyachts 48

The owner has the choice to have the stateroom on the upper deck with a private aft deck or a sky lounge with al-fresco on this place. If the owner chooses a sky lounge, a full-beam suite on the main deck with walk-in wardrobe, bathroom, and a study is the alternative. Eight guests can find their sleeping places on the lower deck in four cabins. All cabins are equipped with en-suite bathrooms.

Two MTU 12V 2000 M72 (1080 kW @ 2250 rpm) or two Caterpillar C32 970 (KW 2100 rpm – B RATING) power the yacht up to 16 knots maximum speed and offer a cruising speed of 14 knots.

Main Specifications

Length over all:48.00 m
Length waterline:46.50 m
Beam:9.25 m
Draft:2.50 m
Main Engines:2 x MTU 12V2000M72, 1080 Kw@2250rpm

or CAT C32
Gross Tonnage:< 500 GRT
Top Speed:16 knots
Cruising Speed:14 knots
Classification:RINA C, ✠HULL, ●MACH,Y, unrestricted navigation

Profile & General Arrangement

RSY 48 Spadolini SV Profile

RSY 48 Spadolini SV Sun Deck
Upper Deck

RSY 48 Spadolini SV Upper Deck
Upper Deck

RSY 48 Spadolini SV Main Deck
Main Deck

RSY 48 Spadolini SV Lower Deck
Lower Deck

Bigger Support Vessel by Rosetti Superyachts

Rosetti 85 Support Vessel

Rosetti 85 - Support Vessel

New player Rosetti Superyachts enters the market with an 85m support vessel concept. The yacht comes with two deck layouts. One with a central helipad and one with fully certified helicopter deck aft above the owner's area.

Rosetti Superyachts is the new superyacht brand of the Rosetti Marino Group that has shipbuilding roots in 1925 and delivered 119 vessels between 40 and 140m to date. Now they enter the superyacht sector with the aim to built luxury yachts, support vessels and expedition yachts from 40 to 150m.

The first and biggest concept is an 85m support vessel with a helipad that was designed by Tommaso Spadolini in cooperation with Rolls-Royce Marine in Norway (naval architecture). Spadolini will develop the design of a fleet in a range that starts from 48m.

I went straight to Tommaso because he has a flexible approach, which is not true of all designers,” says Dodich. “The result is a genuine expedition superyacht that I believe meets the aspirations of the market and the practical requirements of the shipyard.”

Rosetti 85 Support Vessel
Rosetti 85 Support Vessel
Rosetti 85 Support Vessel

Partner and Chairman of Rosetti Superyachts is Fulvio Dodich who was in the management of yacht brands like San Lorenzo and Ferretti.

“We took the decision to launch this initiative based on Rosetti Marino’s remarkable experience, solid financial background and exceptional facilities to create a series of high-level superyachts with semi-custom or fully customisable identities, as well as providing technical excellence and innovative solutions,” says Dodich “We are proposing Made in Italy yachts that are designed and built to the highest technical and safety standards that distinguish the whole Rosetti Marino Group of companies.”

Interior Design

Spadolini developed also the interior design but you can also bring your own designer to meet your personal requirements.

The concept has a full-beam owner’s deck with the suite forward. Furthermore, the deck contains a walk-in wardrobe and aft dining room. The upper deck extends the private area with lounge, study, and access to the foredeck.

The yacht will be powered by a Rolls-Royce diesel-electric propulsion with four MTU 16V 4000 engines coupled with Azipull thrusters to ensure a comfortable trip with low vibration and noise levels and save maneuvers. The yacht has a top speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots.

Version with helipad amidships

Main Specifications

Length over all:85.00 m
Beam:14.50 m
Draft:4.00 m (moulded)
Exterior Design:Tommaso Spadolini
Main Engines:4 x MTU 16V 4000 M43S 2140 kWe (8560 kW)
Range:5,500 nm @ 15 knots
Top Speed:20 knots
Cruising Speed:15 knots
ClassificationLR ✠100 A1 SSC, Yacht, Mono, G6, [✠] LMC, UMS, MCA LY3 Compliant
Gross Tonnage:2,200 GT

NEW FRONTIERS Damen Yacht Support


DAMEN launched the new 55m Yacht Support Vessel SHADOW (ex NEW FRONTIERS).

SHADOW comes up with an owner’s suite on the main deck has a total accommodation for six additional guests in three suites with a focus on low noise and vibrations. There is also extra cabins for additional staff like pilots or security staff. Furthermore, there is a lounge and dining area of 30 sqm and a sundeck of 50 sqm.

The big main deck offers 240 sqm of space for tenders, toys, containers, and helicopter (with a maximum take-off weight of 3,700 kg). 190 sqm of these are equipped with standard fittings to lash the load. A knuckle-boom crane with a capacity of 12 tons can load very big tenders. At an outreach of 11.50m, the crane has a capacity of six tons. Also, an A-Frame crane can be installed to launch a submarine easily. Interior shots in the first video.

NEW FRONTIERS Damen Yacht Support
NEW FRONTIERS Yacht Support Vessel Damen

The vessel has a top speed of 20 knots and an operating range of 5,000 nautical miles and a draft of 3.20m. A good draft to have access in smaller marinas and shallow waters. At the aft are additional storages for dive equipment and water sports.

Commercial Director Rose Damen explains:

“NEW FRONTIERS is ripping up the rule book. It’s still a Yacht Support vessel, but you can’t put this vessel into one category or another – and that reflects exactly the wishes of our clients. They want their holiday to be about freedom and spontaneity – NEW FRONTIERS makes that possible. Whether it’s a weekend dive adventure trip away from their superyacht or enjoying two locations at once linked by helicopter, it’s all about unforgettable experiences and freedom. We’re very excited to introduce NEW FRONTIERS in Monaco.”

NEW FRONTIERS Yacht Support Vessel Damen

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen comments:

“A Yacht Support vessel offers superyacht owners more luxury yachting fun than ever, but at a much lower Total Cost of Ownership than acquiring more capability with a larger yacht. Plus, they get all the benefits of flexible operations, straightforward maintenance, and privacy. That’s why we call it the Smart Stretch.”

Main Specifications

Length over all:55.30 m
Beam:9.00 m
Draft:3.20 m
Gross Tonnage:496
Naval Architecture:DAMEN
Deck Space:290 sqm
Range:5,000 nautical miles
Deck Crane:12,000 kg
Max. Heli Weight:3,700 kg
Maximum Speed:20 knots

Game Changer Damen

Support Vessel GAME CHANGER by Damen

Game Changer belongs to the Yacht Support Vessels by Damen and was presented to the public in London.

Game Changer‘s most interesting feature is the LY3 certified helicopter hangar to carry the air tender the whole time. The hangar protects it from the environmental. Also for commercial/charter use. Maximum weight of helicopter: 5,000 kg for operations with larger helicopters. There is also a refueling system with a 10,000-liter tank.

AMELS Commercial Director Rose Damen says:

GAME CHANGER made a big impression on the owners, captains, brokers and designers who joined us on board, particularly with its helicopter capability and all-weather protected hangar. When it comes to superyacht helipad design and operation, many in the industry are re-examining accepted practice and rethinking the level of risk that we are asking owners to accept for their family and friends. GAME CHANGER really offers the ultimate yachting solution for professional helicopter operations.”

Game Changer Damen

Yacht Support Vessels are a growing trend. Game Changer is the fourth unit of DAMEN’s 70m class. The mother company of AMELS offers a range from 43 – 89m.

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen notes:

“This was a great opportunity to offer a closer look at the Yacht Support concept – which is still a relatively new phenomenon in the industry. A Yacht Support vessel is a massive leap forward in capability for the growing number of owners who want to do more with more equipment, more toys, and more staff. Our vessels are perfectly equipped to support wide-ranging superyacht operations, but with a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership than acquiring a larger yacht. Plus, owners get all the benefits of flexible operations and privacy. That’s why we call it the Smart Stretch.”

Game Changer Damen Comparison

Rose Damen continues:

“Being so close to London – Tower Bridge is just 150 miles from AMELS – makes visiting the city very easy. London is an important superyacht center in its own right with a large number of clients as well as the brokerage community. We really noticed that when visitors came on board to judge the solution for themselves, they left very enthusiastic about all the possibilities that a Yacht Support vessel opens up. Last year we successfully exhibited a Yacht Support vessel in Fort Lauderdale and we hope to bring another vessel to Monaco later this year.”

Heli Hangar Yacht Support Vessel

Profile & Deck Layout

Game Changer Damen Profile

Game Changer Damen Deck Layout
Deck Layout

Main Specifications

Length over all:69.15 m
Beam:11.50 m
Draft:3.65 m
Gross Tonnage:1,200
Naval Architecture:DAMEN
Deck Space:250 sqm
Range:4.500 nautical miles
Deck Crane:12,000 kg
Max. Heli Weight:5,000 kg
Maximum Speed:22 knots

Impressions from London

Game Changer Damen Jeff Brown

Captured by Jeff Brown of Breed Media

Captured by Michal Bageensky

Launch Footage

Naucrates 85 Yacht Support Vessel

Naucrates 85 - 26m Support Yacht Concept

The Naucrates 85 is a modular support yacht concept by design studio Green Yachts and yacht builder Cheyenne Yachts.

This concept has a very special feature. It can be used as a yacht support vessel with the standard advantages to carrying tenders, toys, cars, helicopter etc. but it is possible to use this one as a normal yacht thanks to its Easy Plug System (EPS) to add an additional guest area. I think it is a very cool concept for owners or investors of charter yachts to have one yacht that is configurable for different requirements for clients. A helicopter hangar would be great for clients who wants to sail for longer times with helicopter always alongside.

The yacht has three guest cabins in the standard configuration (without EPS). One of them with panoramic view aft (under the helipad). Guests can also enjoy a living and dining room.

There are also two double cabins for the crew with galley and dinette.

Green Yachts describes the interior as follows:

“The interior design follows a modern style, made of wood of first choice matched with lacquering and leather inserts, representing the better design and contemporary style of Italian furniture Natural light illuminates the interior thanks to the large windows in both the lower deck to the main deck offering spectacular panoramic views of both the aft cabin, which from the wheelhouse deck seating.

Naucrates 85 Yacht Support Vessel
Naucrates 85 Green Yachts
Naucrates 85 Green Yachts

Naucrates 85 vs. Traditional Yacht

Capabilities in a overview

Jet Ski

Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht

Main Specifications

Length over all:25.85 m
Beam:6.40 m
Light Displacement:100 t
Main Engines:2 x 800 kW CAT
Propulsion System:Shaft Line
Max Speed:14 knots
Cruising Speed:12 knots
Naval Architecture:Green Yachts
Cabins:4 + Super Master
Accommodation:6 + 2

YXT 20 - Yacht Support Tender

Yacht-X-Tender - part of Lynx Yachts built one of the smallest yacht support vessel with a length of 20 meters - the YXT 20.

This support vessel features a deck space of 45 sqm to carry a choice of larger tenders and watersport toys for the main yacht. The boat has two cranes. One with a lifting capacity of 1.7 tons and a 360° slew on the main deck, the other one with a capacity of 0.5 tons that is also the gangway.

A crew of four in two single-bed cabins with bathrooms will be aboard to service the shadow boat and the tenders. The boat is equipped with a crew mess, galley, and laundry. The interior was designed by Franck Darnet.

YXT 20 Interior
YXT 20 Interior

YXT 20 is powered by two Cummins diesel engines with 715 HP each. The operating range is about 900 nautical miles.

The YXT range is available from 20 – 40 meters. The first unit of the 20m edition was launched in summer 2016.

Slim Bouricha – Lynx Yachts President – comments:

“The main reason for owning a shadow vessel is really to unleash the potential of the main yacht and enhance considerably the yachting experience. Owners and charterers are more and more demanding and there are so many new desired toys and tenders every year. Once we reach a certain size, it does not make sense to upsize anymore and give out prime real estate space. The YXTconcept will deliver more than the bigger yacht can, at a starting price just below 2M€. As for the operating expenses, a YXT will be revealed to be considerably less expensive as well. The variations are endless, whether we are carrying nautical tenders or cars, buggies or motorcycles … even extra accommodation. We have also received many inquiries from people who want to use the YXT as their main yacht, and our team is very busy on the drawing board to develop the perfect YXT for each one of these potential owners. Our YXT series has been designed so that it is a platform with enough flexibility to respond to a large range or requirements”

Main Specifications

Length over all:21.45 m
Beam:5.50 m
Draft1.30 m
Exterior Design:Diana Yacht Design
Naval Architecture:Lynx Yachts
Interior Design:Franck Darnet
Main Engines:2 x CUMMINS QSM 11 – 2×715 HP
Top Speed:15.5 knots
Cruising Speed:14 knots
Fuel Capacity:98,000 l
Fuel Consumption:280 litres / hour (max. speed), 200 litres (cruising speed)

Profile & Layouts

YXT 20 Profile

YXT 20 Deck Layout
Deck Layout

YXT 20 Lower Deck
Lower Deck

Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe

69m Yacht Support Vessel with Heli Hangar

AMELS and DAMEN sold a new 69m Yacht Support Vessel - the first one with fully enclosed LY3 / MCA certified helicopter hangar.

The fifth yacht support vessel is currently under construction (SEA AXE 6911) in the Netherlands. The delivery is planned for June 2016 to the owner.

Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe
Yacht Support Vessel Sea Axe

SEA AXE 6911 will have a helicopter workshop under the deck and also a well-equipped dive area. The vessel accommodates a crew of 22, has 250 m² space for tenders and toys in addition to 110 m² storage below the deck.

Heli Hangar Yacht Support Vessel

Mark Vermeulen, product manager explains

“In fact, the owner’s team came to us with a lot of client-specific customisations for what was then our 67-meter platform,” he explains. “They put a lot of thought into how the owner would like to operate the Yacht Support Vessel in combination with the mother yacht. This has created new possibilities within the design, resulting in an extremely high-end yachting experience. Now we’ve put a lot of that client feedback into the updated design – the SEA AXE 6911.”

Support Vessel

62-metre Support Vessel by van Geest Design

Marimecs and Van Geest Design and shipyard NMC  present a new 62 m Yacht Support Vessel.

This 62m support vessel offers over 300 m² storage for your ultimate tenders and toys that you can’t transport on your main yacht. The vessel looks like a modern workboat but you can select a luxury interior for your guests to offer an also on that boat a luxury yacht feeling.

It has an efficient hull with low water resistance but excellent seaworthiness and comfort. Optionally also an ice-reinforced hull to operate in Arctic areas. To keep it more eco-friendly, it is also possible to order a hybrid or diesel-electric propulsion instead of a conventional propulsion.

The space under the main deck can be used as a diving center (with a moonpool, deco tank, diving workshop), gym, spa or accommodation for additional crew or more guests. Also, the layout of the lower decks can be customized to your requirements.

Do you want more yacht feeling on your ‘workboat’? No problem, teak deck, stainless steel railings give it more yacht feeling on the outside.

Many yachts don’t have the space to host a helicopter hangar. That’s another big advantage of a yacht support vessel like this. At the stern area is a helicopter hangar to have a fast air tender always on every side.