92m X-Ballet Yacht by Pastrovich

X-Ballet // Pastrovich Studio // 92m

Monaco-based yacht design company Pastrovich Studio presents a 92m explorer styled motor yacht called X-Ballet.Usually, we see futuristic designs by Pastrovich. Now they come up with a more…

MY 70-150m X-SVETI - Teaser

X-SVETI Superyacht Concept by Pastrovich

The X-SVETI is a future superyacht concept by Pastrovich Studio and can be scaled from 70 to 150m.

MY 90m X-KID STUFF - Open Profile - Credits Pastrovich

90m X-KID STUFF by Pastrovich Studio

Monaco-based yacht designer Stefano Pastrovich released a very open 90m motor yacht design - the X-KID STUFF.From the exterior renders, you can appreciate the versatility and the immensity of this…