Mercedes X-Class Yachting

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Yachting by Carlex Design

From commercial vehicle to a luxurious car with Maybach parts: The Mercedes X-Class Yachting, styled by Carlex Design.

Influences from yachting to cars and influences from cars to yachting – both industries are working on several levels together. Although the X-Class is a Mercedes, it is just commercial car based on the Nissan Navara. The Polish company Carlex Design that creates custom interiors and exterior parts for luxury cars presents the X-Class in a yachting edition.

The car features original wheels from the Maybach S650 Coupé, teak wood and a body kit with a lot of carbon fiber parts. The bicolored body reminds me of a typical yacht color scheme. Although the below part of the car is painted in porcelain, the brown is like a teak deck.


The exterior color scheme is also in the interior. Original Maybach Nappa leather in creme and brown with Zebrano wood part parts. Moreover, Recaro Sportster CS seats and a sports steering wheel. Personally, a new gearbox and a bigger screen would be the icing on the cake. Also, a fifth-wheeler version with a boat trailer could be interesting. The price of the car is about 105.000 EUR depending on the chosen base.

Mercedes-Benz Yacht Arrow460

Arrow460 Speed & Style: Mercedes-Benz meets Yacht Design

Do you like helicopters, cars, boats, pure luxury, and Mercedes-Benz? Welcome to this blog post about the Arrow460 by Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine :)

The higher classed vehicles of Mercedes-Benz stands for style, speed, and luxury. This mirrored in the Arrow460 – Granturismo aka “Silver Arrow of the Seas” – a 14m motor yacht with 960 HP. The boat was designed as a crossover for day cruises for up to 10 persons but it is also possible to sleep aboard (anyone else who is thinking about a powerful AMG campervan? ;)) . You can get it for 2.5 Mio Euro.

Not just the power is like an AMG on the seas, it is also the luxurious interior with S-Class genes.

It’s not Mercedes’ first touch with the yachting world. They partnering since 2007 with the legendary U.S. boat brand Cigarette. I have blogged here about the Cigarette 50 Marauder and the Mercedes AMG GT-S.

Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler comments:

“The Cigarette Racing speedboat and our Mercedes-Benz Style luxury yacht ‘ARROW460-Granturismo’ represent a coming together of two design icons. Each of them is hot & cool as their design is both attractive and surprisingly new, making both boats perfect embodiments of emotion and intelligence. The ‘ARROW460-Granturismo’ carries our Mercedes genes throughout. We have transferred an automotive design idiom to a yacht – and this design statement far outside the usual mainstream in the boat industry allows us to create a totally original aesthetic.”

Boats and Daimler were also in their beginning in a partnership. In 1886, Lürssen built REMS with a 1.5 HP gasoline engine by Gottlieb Daimler.

REMS Lurssen Daimler

Mercedes GT S AMG Cigarette 50 Marauder

New Cigarette 50 Marauder inspired by Mercedes AMG GT S

Mercedes AMG and Cigarette. Two brands for the promise of power, power, and power. Now they come with a new collaboration: The Cigarette 50 Marauder - inspired by the new Mercedes GT S AMG design.

Actually, I am a guy who gives the best to live eco-friendly. Home and office are powered and heated by a micro-CHP which consumes low-emission natural gas, solar panels on the roof, heat accumulator under the building and a good insulation. The web and e-mail servers are also powered by green energy. But I have another site – my personal dark site: V8 sound and power awake a lot of emotions :). AMG and Cigarette are manufacturers who build the tools for starting them :)

Always I have to think about Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and his catchphrase:

“More Power”

when I hear or drive a V8

The Cigarette 50 Marauder isn’t powered by the 4.0l V8 AMG engine. She has two new developed Mercury 1550 HP racing engines which are also inspired by AMG (according to the press release). It’s currently the most powerful twin-engine boat in Cigarette’s portfolio. She reaches a top speed of 135 MPH.

Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG says:

“With its technological substance, the Mercedes-AMG GT S meets our high demands on driving dynamics, agility and performance. The GT S is built according to the motto ‘Handcrafted by Racers’. We are glad that this spirit and our brand-typical driving performance inspired our long-time partner Cigarette Racing to create this powerboat.”

Skip Braver, CEO of Cigarette Racing adds:

“We are thrilled to work with the high-performance brand of Mercedes-Benz again this year to develop our fastest powerboat to date. With the two new Mercury racing engines inspired by AMG, the 50 Marauder GT-S Concept embodies our brand promise of innovation and master craftsmanship“

Cigarette in action

Not a 50 Marauder but a 46 Rider XP in its “Inspired by AMG” Edition