KMY Polar Expedition Yacht Dykstra

24m Polar Explorer by KM Yachtbuilders

The new 24m expedition sailing yacht project POLAR is a design by the well-known studio Dykstra Naval Architects.

Usually, sailing yachts around 24m can be found in Spain, Monaco, Antibes, St. Tropez and all the other luxury yacht hotspots. This one was developed for extreme regions with a lot of ice around the yacht – not in the cocktail glass. The expedition sailing yacht with the project name POLAR is the largest yacht by volume to date by KM Yachtbuilders. The longest is still the 26m TULIP. The client is an experienced sailor with 10 years sailing experience in cold regions.

KMY Polar Expedition Yacht Dykstra

The hull has some areas with a thickness of 40mm plus a 25mm ice reinforcement amidships to the bow. Keel and rudder can be completely retracted to protect them from the ice when the yacht is frozen.

Two rotatable carbon masts without stays (wing rig) will power the 85.000 kg yacht through the seas.

Delivery is scheduled for the beginning of 2019. In the mean time, the owner plans a second journey through the Northwest Passage with start in Alaska.

By the way, that KM Yachtbuilders builds strong yachts captured the owner of the Bestevaer 56 ST TRANQUILO who was jailed by ice.

The retractable propulsion system of the yacht (had a side job at the boot in Düsseldorf)

Retractable Propulsion POLAR

Main Specifications

Length over all:23.75 m
Length Waterline:21.25 m
Beam:7.26 m
Draft:1.50 - 4.65 m
Ballast:13.500 kg
Displacement:85.000 kg
Naval Architecture:Dykstra Naval Architects
Rig:Hall Spars Carbon Wing Rig
Clearance Height:24 m
Main Engines:2 x Doosan L136

Tulip by K&M Yachtbuilders

Onboard Video: 26m "Tulip" by K&M Yachtbuilders

Onboard video of sailing yacht "Tulip" during the 2014 Rolex Middle Sea Race

Tulip was built by Dutch luxury yacht builder K&M Yachtbuilders and designed by German Fers

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Tulip by K&M Yachtbuilders

Tulip (26m) by KM Yachtbuilders

With the 26m TULIP, yacht designer Germán Frers created a great mix between classic and modern lines.

When I saw the model of the 26 meter (88 feet) luxury yacht Tulip in April 2012 during a visit at KM Yachtbuilders in Makkum, The Netherlands I was very impressed with the design by German Frers. The elegant classical lines and a modern underwater area with a lifting keel make her to a fast beauty.

Enjoy the great pictures of her during her sea trials on the Waddenzee.

Tulip by K&M Yachtbuilders
Tulip by KM Yachtbuilders
Tulip by K&M Yachtbuilders

Tulip welcomes six guests in four cabins with ensuite bathrooms and a crew of two. The owner’s cabin is forward located. The deckhouse has a dining table, a library, navigation desk, television, and a refrigerator.

Main Specifications

Length over all:26.61 m
Length water line:22.04 m
Beam:6.12 m
Displacement:43 tonnes
Draft:3.20 - 5.10 m
Hull material:Aluminium
Designer:German Frers