Naucrates 130 Yacht

Naucrates 130

Green Yachts and Cantieri Navali di Chioggia / OCEANKING present the evolution of the Naucrates 85: The awesome Naucrates 130.

Although the Naucrates 130 has a length of “just” 40m and a very large open space on the aft deck, the yacht welcomes 10 guests in five cabins. There are three VIP and two double cabins.

The infinity swimming pool on the aft deck area can be covered to have more space for sunbathing, party or can be used as a touch-and-go helicopter landing area (helipad).

Naucrates 130 Yacht
Naucrates 130 Yacht
Naucrates 130 Yacht

Between pool and superstructure is another big area. As you can see, there is a big socializing area, but could be used also for big tenders if you don’t need those big vis-à-vis c-shaped sofas. Another socializing is placed on the sun deck above the bridge with a bar and a fixed bimini for a shaded area.

The price is about EUR 13,975,000

Naucrates 130 Yacht

Design and function: The staircase to the bathing platform

Naucrates 130 Interior

View from the al-fresco dining area

Main Specifications

Length over all:40.00 m
Beam:10.26 m
Draft:3.30 m
Displacement (max.):650.000 kg
Exterior Design:Green Yachts
Interior Design:Green Yachts (Client can also bring an own designer)
Naval Architecture:Green Yachts
Main Engines:2 x Caterpillar C32 (2,600 HP)
Top Speed:14 knots
Cruising Speed:12 knots
Range:5,000 nautical miles
Fuel Capacity:170,000 l
Accommodation:3 VIP, 2 guests, 5 crew
Materials:Steel (hull) and Aluminum (superstructure)

Naucrates 85 Yacht Support Vessel

Naucrates 85 - 26m Support Yacht Concept

The Naucrates 85 is a modular support yacht concept by design studio Green Yachts and yacht builder Cheyenne Yachts.

This concept has a very special feature. It can be used as a yacht support vessel with the standard advantages to carrying tenders, toys, cars, helicopter etc. but it is possible to use this one as a normal yacht thanks to its Easy Plug System (EPS) to add an additional guest area. I think it is a very cool concept for owners or investors of charter yachts to have one yacht that is configurable for different requirements for clients. A helicopter hangar would be great for clients who wants to sail for longer times with helicopter always alongside.

The yacht has three guest cabins in the standard configuration (without EPS). One of them with panoramic view aft (under the helipad). Guests can also enjoy a living and dining room.

There are also two double cabins for the crew with galley and dinette.

Green Yachts describes the interior as follows:

“The interior design follows a modern style, made of wood of first choice matched with lacquering and leather inserts, representing the better design and contemporary style of Italian furniture Natural light illuminates the interior thanks to the large windows in both the lower deck to the main deck offering spectacular panoramic views of both the aft cabin, which from the wheelhouse deck seating.

Naucrates 85 Yacht Support Vessel
Naucrates 85 Green Yachts
Naucrates 85 Green Yachts

Naucrates 85 vs. Traditional Yacht

Capabilities in a overview

Jet Ski

Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht


Traditional Yacht

Main Specifications

Length over all:25.85 m
Beam:6.40 m
Light Displacement:100 t
Main Engines:2 x 800 kW CAT
Propulsion System:Shaft Line
Max Speed:14 knots
Cruising Speed:12 knots
Naval Architecture:Green Yachts
Cabins:4 + Super Master
Accommodation:6 + 2

Vitmar 65 Green Yachts

VITMAR 65 - Italian Lines by Green Yachts

The Italian design studio Green Yachts designed the beautiful lines of the new VITMAR 65.

This 20m motor yacht can welcome seven guests in a master suite, a VIP cabin, in a double cabin and one in a private single cabin.

The lower deck and the main deck features large panorama windows to enjoy a great view and a lot of natural light inside.

The Vitmar 65 has a low profile but features large flybridge with dining, barbecue, and a bar to enjoy a good time with friends outside.

The yacht will be powered by two CAT C18 ACERT engines with 1150 each. A 32 kW generator serves for hotel functions at anchor and delivers power for a 2 x 62.000 Btu and is also a comfortable yacht for using in tropical areas.

Main Specifications

Length over all:20.65 m
Beam:5.36 m
Light Displacement:32 t
Design:Green Yachts
Guest Berths:6 + 1
Main Engines:2 x C18 1150 mHp@2300 rpm
Propulsion System:Shaft Line ­- V Drive
Max Speed:31 knots
Cruising speed:25 knots
Cabins:4 + Captain


Vitmar 65 Green Yachts

Green Yachts 53m Hybrid LGH 53

Green Yachts 53m Hybrid Yacht (LGH 53)

The Italian design studio Green Yachts present a concept for a 53m hybrid yacht - The Luxury Green Heart 53.

The exterior design is classic‐contemporary thanks to its straight lines and simple surfaces.High and safe hull to protect main deck areas, especially the owner cabin positioned in front of the yacht with its private sundeck and Jacuzzi area. The perimetrical full high windows of the main deck provide exceptional natural light in almost all ambient including the main saloon, dining area and owners apartment.

Green Yachts 53m Hybrid LGH 53
Green Yachts 53m Hybrid LGH 53

A play of light and dark, empty and full, full surfaces and areas of glass, which enhances and highlights a strong and unique character.
A design made to stand out not necessarily to impress.

The hybrid yacht is equipped with all the comforts of its own category also features a beach club area once opened the large stern hatch.

The wheelhouse is located on the upper deck along with the captain’s bedroom, characterized by vertical windows for better visibility in all sea and weather conditions, while the structure of the outer body with their bosses avoid the heating of the glass. The upper part of the cabin, thanks to the dark windows and to chromatic detach, turns out to be as slightly leaning.

Green Yachts 53m Hybrid LGH 53
Green Yachts 53m Hybrid LGH 53

A yacht with Hybrid Italian propulsion, able to navigate fast and so performance but at the same time capable of maintaining reduced consumption and pollution; to be able to move in electric mode and to be able to forego the generators to meet the needs of electrical consumption. A yacht with three decks but by large open spaces made accessible and useful to guests, also creating unexpected corners of confidentiality.

The light, natural materials, proportions, simple shapes these are the elements that identify this new yacht and make it slim though almost 53 m long.

Main specifications

Length over all:52,95 m
Beam:10.10 m
Draft:3.15 m
Exterior Design:Green Yachts
Max. speed18 knots
Criusing Speed:15 knots
Engines:2 x CAT plus Hybrid Propulsion
Range:4.700 nm

Refit of WILLIAMSBURG aka The Floating White House

The U.S.S. Williamsburg was originally built as a private yacht in 1930 as Aras at the Bath Iron Works shipyard and served in the U.S. Navy from 1941 to 1953 as a gunboat and presidential yacht for Truman and Eisenhower.

Williamsburg, formerly known as The Floating White House, comes with a new look thanks to the recent refit project by GreenYachts. The proposal is to transform the Williamsburg in a modern yacht while keeping intact the unaffected charm and classic style that has always distinguished the original design.

The details that make style

The vertical bow is in line with the current trend style, a slender stern cantilevered over the water, elements that are maintained and amplified thanks to moldings and color effects. All the windows have been revised in order to increase the visibility and natural lighting of the interiors. Layout includes the lower deck area reserved for guests and crew cabins, a spacious and bright living room where is placed, on the main deck, an original contemporary styled fireplace, place of meeting and conversation.

Rendering by Green Yachts

Mini documentary by

Old footage from 1945 with interior pictures

The slender hull with streamlined water lines is ideal for hybrid propulsion, able to ensure excellent performance even in rough seas, as widely tested in the years when it was used with the function of an armed escort in the Northern Seas.

On the upper deck the owner cabin with a front view and independent access to the sundeck, in the aft area the study with direct access to outside sundeck also used as a landing zone for the helicopter. All exterior decks are free and used as a sundeck for guests, two fast displacement tenders in carbon-look are positioned on the outer sides, while the tender rib is housed in the bow deck.

Decks and external lines

The Design by GreenYachts, enhances the classic lines of Williamsburg, completing the forward gunwale to protect the sundeck area in front of the master cabin. Large windows for the wheelhouse and owners cabin, to allow maximum visibility inside-out. Construction of new side panels in contrasting colors along the walkways of the first and second decks to allow a more streamlined side profile. The central chimney is maintained as a characteristic element, inside of it are channeled ventilation and extraction keeping the sides without flanks and grids. Evident in the side of the hull, the large portholes on the lower deck positioned to provide more natural light and water level view to guests accommodations. Original also the geometry of top bow shapes to be used for mooring and at the same time as support of flag’s pole, these horizontal cuts enable to achieve a better forward view from the master stateroom.

Picture Source: Wreck pictures – “Williamsburg 2” by HdK – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Old pictures: Public Domain via Wikipedia