Amel 50 Yacht Sailing

Amel 50 - A Luxurious Worldcruiser

The French yacht builder Amel - known for their renowned Amel 64 - presents now the Amel 50 - a design by Berret-Racoupeau.

Just one helm station? And this arranged like on a motor yacht? The yachts by AMEL are designed for long journeys where you can use the autopilot. That arrangement provides a sunbathing area on the aft deck and a large almost full beam owners cabin with en-suite bathroom and a desk.

The new yacht is the first sloop-rigged yacht since 1997 by AMEL.

“The development of embedded techniques such as motorized furlers means that maneuvering a 50-foot sloop is much easier today and ketch rigging is no longer necessary on a boat of this size.” – Oliver Racoupeau, Yacht Designer

Amel 50 Yacht Sailing
Amel 50 Yacht Sailing
Amel 50 Sailing Yacht

The AMEL 50 welcomes six guests in total. Alongside the owner’s cabin, there are two guest cabins. One double cabin in the bow and a smaller bunk bed cabin on starboard side.

The yacht offers a generous and bright salon with two sofas, navigation desk and a lot of daylight through windows in the hull (that also removes this “cellar feeling”), in the superstructure and a skylight. The galley is placed on the way to the owner’s area next to the engine room.

The central cockpit with the large deckhouse protects from waves and rain during trips in bad weather conditions. The roof has a retractable bimini to protect from sun and rain as well.

Emmanuel Poujeade, Managing Director comments:

“At AMEL we are all enthusiastic, deeply attached to the history of our shipyard and always striving to continue to express our know-how and perpetuate the AMEL spirit”

The price for the AMEL 50 starts at 720.000 EUR without VAT. The yacht has won the award as European Yacht of the Year 2018 in “Luxury Cruiser” during the boot Düsseldorf 2018.

Main Specifications

Length over all:15.51 m
Length waterline:14.50 m
Beam:4.79 m
Draft:2.15 m
Height from Water Line:22.50 m
Weight unloaded:18.75 t
Ballast:5.35 t
Main Sail:62 m²
Genoa:64 m²
Staysail:24 m²
Fuel Capacity:675 l
Fresh Water:600 l

Profile & Layout

AMEL 50 - Profile Interior

AMEL 50 - General Arrangement
General Arrangement

Some more impressions

Underwater ship (during the boot Düsseldorf 2018)

Amel 50 underwater ship boot Düsseldorf

Beneteau Oceanis 62

Bénéteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Bénéteau Oceanis Yacht 62 - the flagship by the French yacht builder

Interior pictures by Nicolas Claris, exterior pictures by Guido Cantini.

The Bénéteau Oceanis 62 has a length of 19m and comes with naval architecture and exterior design by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design and interior design by Andreani Design. The yacht offers large windows in the hull and in the superstructure.

It is the first of a range from 50 feet to 70 feet and available from 650.000 EUR without VAT.

At the stern is a garage for a for tender with easy access by two stairways. The platform can be lowered down to the sea for easy tender launching.

Oliver Racoupeau comments:

“The challenge was to achieve a high average speed and a guaranteed reserve stability in the medium-term. I designed the Oceanis Yacht 62 with performance, safety and perfect maneuverability in mind: maximum length on water line, perfectly adapted sail area, lowest possible center of gravity and maneuvering centered in the cockpit. I then concentrated on everything our experience of super yachts could contribute to this first Beneteau yacht. Get ready to leave the traditional yachting world and to enter a whole new world where lifestyle is paramount.”

Beneteau Oceanis 62

The platform serves also as a terrace with a space of 5m²

Beneteau Oceanis 62

In the shown version, the salon has a bright wood for a good addition to the windows and skylights to make it brighter. The salon offers a seating area for about eight people, navigation desk, a galley with dishwasher and a hidden washing machine. There is also a retractable galley outside at the aft with a kitchen sink, refrigerator and the opinion to grill for up to 12 good friends or family members in the cockpit.


The owner lives forward with ensuite bathroom. Thanks to the generous use of windows and skylights, the cabin of the Bénéteau Oceanis 62 is rich of daylight.

Interior designer Pierangelo Andreani says:

“A strong character and beautiful in every respect. I maintained the idea of a horizontal line from which the whole design stemmed. I admit that the Beneteau project was complex and ever so ambitious! It meant using all the qualities of a one-off on a production yacht, combining style, elegance, and lifestyle with simple sailing and a high-performance hull. The initial feeling in the first drawings remains. This first yacht will turn over a new leaf in the story of your life as an owner. Of this I am sure.”

Profile, Sailplan & Layout

Beneteau Oceanis 62 Profile
Profile & Sailplan

Beneteau Oceanis 62 Layout
Interior Layout

Main Specifications

Length over all:19.07 m
Beam:5.33 m
DeepDraft:2.90 m
Deep Ballast Weight:5,900 kg
Shallow Draft:2.30 m
Shallow Ballast Weight:6,800 kg
Air Draft:27,40
Naval Architecture:Berret-Racoupeau
Interior Designer:Pierangelo Andreani
Main Engine:160 hp
Light Displacement:24,170 kg

Amel 64 Sailing Yacht

SPOTLIGHT ON: Amel 64 - Bluewater Sailing Yacht

Profite de la vie: The Amel 64 is a 20m ketch-rigged luxury sailing yacht by the French yacht builder Amel, designed by Berret Racoupeau.

Personally, I like the exterior and interior design. I have visited the yacht for the first time at the boot Düsseldorf 2015 in Germany

As a sailing guy who loves to stand outside with a twin helm station: I missed that. As you can see in the pictures she has just one covered helm station. So she might be a sailing yacht respectively a motor-sailor for people who sail mostly long distances with auto pilot. That arrangement with central cockpit allows more space on the aft deck to relax there or to carry some water toys. One tender with 10/15 HP outboard engine finds his place in a stern garage which is equipped with an electric winch to launch and pull in the tender.

Amel 64 Sailing Yacht
Amel 64 Sailing Yacht
Amel 64 Sailing Yacht

A light and friendly interior with exotic wood, stainless steel and leather welcome owners and guests onboard. The Amel 64 has an owner’s cabin at the bow and two guest cabins at the aft area. One is a double bed cabin, the other one is a single-bed cabin with two beds. Both are equipped with ensuite bathrooms.

In the middle is the main saloon, galley, dining and navigation desk located.

The price for that very comfortable world cruiser starts at EUR 2,100,000.

2017 Interior

Main Specifications

Length over all:19.60 m
Length waterline:17.21 m
Beam:5.60 m
Draft:2.40 m
Exterior Design:Berret Racoupeau
Interior Design:Berret Racoupeau
Main Engine:1 x Steyr 6-cylinder, 150 HP
Fuel Capacity:1,400 l
Fresh Water Capacity:1,000 l
Weight (unloaded):34 t
Main Sail Area:64 m2
Genoa:87 m2
Mizzen Sail:36 m2
Staysail:38 m2

Profile & Layout

Amel 64 Profile
Amel 64 Profile

Amel 64 Layout
Amel 64 Layout

Luxury Sailing Yacht ICHTUS Futuna 70

Sailing Yacht Futuna 70 ICHTUS

Futuna Yachts from France built the Futuna 70 ICHTUS in 2010 as a fast cruiser with aluminum hull, composite sandwich deck and carbon mast and boom.

Marc Lombard designed her with a panoramic view saloon and elegant and sporty exterior lines which are inspired by the Open 60 racing yachts.

As with the other yachts of the Futuna line, the Futuna 70 has fine entry lines, maximum dynamic waterline length and reduced waterline beam when heeled. The wide stern sections associated with the twin-rudder configuration lends fine helm control for high pleasure sailing as well as great directional stability downwind and very high average speeds on all points of sailing. The modern 9/10 fractional rig can be fitted with a carbon-fiber mast and boom.

Generous and safe cockpit both at sea and at anchor, ample storage space, aluminum hull for security, all this makes this cruiser ideal for extended voyages with speed and comfort.
The composite sandwich deck, in addition to keeping the boat as light as possible, provides more thermal and phonic insulation that would an all-aluminum structure.

The interior design of the Futuna 70 is entirely customizable with the help of our design office, or with an interior designer of
choice of the owner.
The joinery work is crafted with wood sandwich panels made of solid timber and marine grade closed cell polymer foam core which brings exceptional durability and rigidity while offering significant savings in weight. Panels are framed with solid timber to receive marine quality hinges and fixtures. The result is an interior woodwork that will not deform in time thus preserving your investment.

futuna 70

A big hatch opens a lounge area

Main Specifications

Length over all:25.91 m
Beam:5.90 m
Draft:2.95 m
Displacement:31 t
Ballast:10 t
Sail Area:125 m² (Main Sail), 126 m² (Genoa), 65 m² (Stay Sail), 225 m² (Gennaker), 325 m² (Spi)
Exterior Design:Marc Lombard
Interior Design:Wetzels Brown Partners
Material:Aluminum / Composite Sandwich

Profile, Sail Plan & Layout

Sailing Yacht Futuna 70 ICHTUS
Sail Plan

Sailing Yacht Futuna 70 ICHTUS
Profile & Interior Layout

Sailing Yacht Futuna 70 ICHTUS
Deck Layout

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