BMW 760Li Nautor's SWAN

BMW 760Li with Nautor's Swan Style

Two of my favorite brands collaborating to create an awesome car: The BMW 760Li Individual with yachting style by Nautor's SWAN.

With the BMW 760Li inspired by Nautor’s SWAN presents BMW a new member of cooperations between yacht brands and car brands. and celebrates the 25 years anniversary.

BMW is known for their activities with BMW Yachtsport, the America’s Cup team ORACLE and partners with the big boat regatta Les Voiles de Saint Tropez for years.

The car features typical yachting elements like Teak wood (even in the trunk) that was handcrafted by Nautor’s Swan in Finland. Furthermore, the exterior features break bodies colored in the car’s exterior color (Damast Red). Speaking of the color, it looks awesome but wouldn’t be a dark blue like many hull colors or a bright blue that symbolizes water a better choice for a yachting inspired car?

BMW Yachtsport 17 Oracle

BMW Technology takes role in the America's Cup

BMW (yes, the manufacturer of premium cars) supports the ORACLE Team USA as a technology partner.

The America’s Cup is not the only sailing event that BMW supports. You can read more about their commitment on But now back to the “17” – the name of the racing catamaran.

BMW provided valuable technology transfer in aerodynamics, lightweight design and the steering systems of “17”. Thanks to the high-tech systems, the yacht will reach a top speed of about 54 knots (100 km/h). Over 15 designers and 50 boat builders were involved in realizing the project in 85,000 man-hours to date.


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Grant Simmer, the chief operating officer of ORACLE TEAM USA said:

“This is a major milestone in our campaign to win the America’s Cup for a third time. These boats are highly-engineered, with complex systems, and built to perform under extreme conditions. It’s a great achievement by our designers, builders, and engineers to get us to this point where the race yacht gets handed over to the sailors.”

Jimmy Spithill, Skipper and Helmsman comments:

“I’m really proud of this team and what we’ve achieved so far. I’d like to thank the design team, the engineering team, the shore support, and our full boat-building team. They’ve made an incredible racing machine.”

17 BMW Oracle Americas Cup


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Oracle Team USA