Y712 Black Pearl Yacht Oceanco

Black Pearl (Project SOLAR) by Oceanco

Oceanco's 106.70 m BLACK PEARL (Project SOLAR) aka Y712 finally delivered.

BLACK PEARL (Project Solar) is one the largest sailing yacht in the world and features a DynaRig like Maltese Falcon. This impressive sailing yacht was designed by Ken Freivokh and Nuvolari Lenard. Both are responsible for exterior and interior styling. Another stakeholder in the interior design is Villate Design. The naval architecture was done by Dykstra Naval Architects and the in-house team of Oceanco.

Dykstra designed also the DynaRig with the three 70m masts carbon fiber masts. It takes seven minutes to set 2,900 sqm of sail area that powers her up to 30 knots. A hybrid propulsion system, engineered by BMT Nigel Gee delivers power for electrics and electronics.

Y712 Black Pearl Yacht Oceanco
Black Pearl Yacht

Black Pearl sail set-up in Gibraltar

TUHURA Oceanco Yacht

TUHURA (115m) by Oceanco

Project TUHURA - a 115m stylish motor yacht design with a canoe stern (Polynesian style), presented by Oceanco.

The exterior design comes from Lobanov Design, the hull and propulsion system (ABB hybrid Azipod® contra-rotating propulsion) was developed by BMT Nigel Gee.

James Roy, Yacht Design Director at BMT explains:

“1700 years ago, the Polynesians decided to move and settle in a new land. This presented an unimaginable journey, which today would take five hours by jet. From the Marquesas Islands sailing thousands of miles north, using nothing but the stars and the birds for guidance, they discovered the Hawaiian Islands. Their mode of transport? A Canoe. This simple, yet robust design, sitting at around 18m long and about 5m wide, would carry up to 20 people and all their possessions and food including animals.”

TUHURA Oceanco Yacht

Igor Lobanov comments:

“Our Tuhura is a simple idea. The thought was to take a natural shape similar to those seen in the earliest canoe-type craft and augment it multifold to a larger scale, using modern technology.”

The interior design Achille Salvagni and is inspired by East Asia.

Salvagni Explains:

“Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics. This softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout.”

TUHURA Yacht Living Area
TUHURA Oceanco Living Area

Big Sofa in the Living Area with Fireplace and panoramic view

TUHURA Owners Suite
TUHURA Owners Area

Owners’ Suite

66m Explorer Henry Ward Design

66m Explorer by Henry Ward Design

This 66m explorer by Henry Ward Design and BMT Nigel Gee is awesome!

The special feature of this explorer yacht is the massive beach club. Like a transformer, the yacht turns the stern (1/3 of the yacht) into a big pool. Another big pool (can be covered for parties or other entertaining events) is on the main deck with a climbing wall on the big mast with a crow’s nest.

66m Explorer Henry Ward Design
66m Explorer Henry Ward Design
66m Explorer Henry Ward Design

Docked on the aft is an 18m lodge with a helipad (or a dronepad in this concept). A second drone and helipad can be fold-out at the bow. The bow area is also the storage for the tenders and drone. The drone is capable to transport four persons to discover more flora and fauna around the yacht.

66m Explorer Henry Ward Design
66m Explorer Henry Ward Design
66m Explorer Henry Ward Design

The naval architects of BMT Nigel Gee see a twin azimuth propulsion system with a total power of 3000 kW to reach a cruising speed of 15 knots. When speed is reduced to 12 knots, the yacht will have a range of 5000 nautical miles.

Picture credits: Henry Ward Design and BMT Nigel Gee

66m Explorer Henry Ward Design
66m Explorer Henry Ward Design


66m Explorer Henry Ward Design

Moonstone Oceanco Van Geest

90m Concept "Moonstone" by Oceanco

Moonstone is an innovative 90m motor yacht concept designed by Van Geest for Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco.

Moonstone features a cutting-edge lighting system by TEMELOY Advanced Lighting Design. The concept has an owner’s deck with spa and gym area, a cinema and a touch-and-go helicopter pad. Furthermore, there are 4 double guest suites and 2 twin suites.

The steel-hulled yacht with aluminum superstructure will be powered by 2 x 4,828hp / 3,600kW MTU 20V4000 M73L. The naval architecture was done in-house at the Oceanco yard and BMT Nigel Gee.

Titan 117m Motor Yacht Oceanco

Titan/Phi - 117m Motor Yacht Project by Oceanco

Titan is a 117m motor yacht concept by Ablassadam-based (NL) Oceanco shipyard.

The yacht has a beam of 15.30m and a draft of 3.70m. Her max. speed will be at approx. 18.5 knots. Titan accommodates 1 owner’s suite and 6 double guest cabins, enough space for a crew of 30 and a spacious luxury interior area of 1076 m². Titan‘s outside area measures 930 m².

Two runabout tenders will be stored in the bow area under the helicopter touch and go landing pad. In the stern area are a big pool and a very large beach club. The design was made by Oceanco in-house, the naval architecture by BMT Nigel Gee.

Project PHI

Project PHI is based on TITAN but comes with some modifications developed in cooperation with PHI Beach.

BMT Nigel Gee L3

Semi-SWATH "Project L3" by BMT Nigel Gee

UK-based design studio BMT Nigel Gee unveils 85m Semi-SWATH yacht concept Project L3.

The design of L3 is based around delivering an extreme of high-speed and high volume, for which BMT’s semi-SWATH catamaran is ideal. On a length overall of 85-metre, the design provides over 4200 GT, a figure more akin to a 100-110m monohull. Such space allows for entertainment and living areas similar to land-based architecture and includes some unique features such as the main accommodation opening straight onto the pool courtyard. The sundeck sports an open-air fire pit surrounded by generous loungers which give perfect viewing for the giant drop-down cinema screen. A feature that is sure to be the main focus of evening entertainment. The large beam of the catamaran also allows for storage of an oversized tender including an offshore racing cat and a two-man seaplane. Once deployed, these can be moored against a number of fold-down/extendable beach decks giving easy access to the water.

BMT Nigel Gee L3
BMT Nigel Gee L3
BMT Nigel Gee L3

A number of propulsion options have been investigated from a conventional system for 20-knot performance to a hybrid CODAG system delivering over 40 knots. The semi-SWATH catamaran resulting from BMT’s development programs in the naval and offshore industries provides a careful balance of advanced catamaran performance with the outstanding seakeeping ability of a traditional SWATH.

James Roy, Design Director at BMT comments,

“This was both a very exciting and challenging proposal to work on as the styling needed to reflect the speed of the vessel while maintaining a high volume for the interior. Gentle flowing lines which have a sense of urgency about them have been combined with a bold colour choice to ensure that this 85m, high-performance catamaran makes a statement in the harbour! It is always refreshing to work on a design which challenges convention and to integrate technology developed in other markets, it will take a visionary client to realise the project”

BMT Nigel Gee L3
BMT Nigel Gee L3
BMT Nigel Gee L3

CHUAN by Claydon Reeves and BMT Nigel Gee

SWATH-styled CHUAN by BMT Nigel Gee & Claydon Reeves

The UK design studios Claydon Reeves and BMT Nigel Gee present the project Chuan based on Extreme Semi-SWATH (XSS) advanced catamaran hull.

The SWATH technology has the advantage that it reduces the movement in the swell. So the yacht lays quieter on the water.  The design is anchored in Asian architecture and traditions without generic Western misinterpretation. The layout can be adjusted to function either as an impressive social space or a more intimate family based environment with a spacious full beam master cabin aft on the bridge deck. Large sections of glass in the main deck floor allow occupants a unique view between the hulls, particularly when lit up at night. An articulated beach area and dive club unfold at water level, bridging the space between the two hulls and creating an unprecedented width of over 15m.

James Claydon, Director of Claydon Reeves commented:

“We returned to the catamaran platform for Chuan for the sheer volume it delivers. Throughout the yacht there are spaces of surprising size, be it the expansive foredeck or the huge open-plan galley and dining area.”

The Extreme Semi-SWATH operates successfully in the offshore energy industry. Fast ships to safe time and keeping swell to work safely on the offshore wind turbines.

James Roy, Yacht Design Director at BMT Nigel Gee concluded:

“Owners, and indeed our wider industry, are quite traditional in the choice of hull-form. It would be nice to see a greater take-up of safely hull platforms. Our XSS provides the best compromise between performance and the sea-keeping ability for a high-speed catamaran and Claydon Reeves have demonstrated with Project Chuan just how that volume can be put to use for dramatic effect.”


ISA Yachts delivered 66m Grantursimo OKTO

ISA Yachts announced the delivery of the 66m Granturismo now christened OKTO.

OKTO has a black metallic steel hull and silver metallic aluminum superstructure, she is powered by twin CATERPILLAR 3512 C engines rated at 1765 KW @ 1800. She can reach a top speed of 18,5 knots and at a cruising speed of 16,5 knots, in maximum comfort.

ISA Yachts CEO, Luciano Bregola, says

“This gem of a yacht is the result of the perfect collaboration of a well-concerted team of experts who designed, engineered, built and delivered a distinctive yacht which will set new standards in the industry. We are all extremely proud of OKTO – Bregola continues – and wish her Owners to enjoy extensive world travels aboard such a magnificent yacht”.

The concept behind the ISA 66M (the largest yacht by ISA Yachts to date) is to emphasize the outdoor experience of a yacht without compromising the space and comfort that the owner would expect from a steel and aluminum displacement yacht. The overall beauty of yachts over the years has been lost to interior space, on the contrary Granturismo is a concept that allows space for owners who love the sea and like to be outside.

The ISA 66M GRANTURISMO is a custom 4-deck yacht with an aluminum superstructure and an impressive steel hull with a straight bow. The yacht is designed by Andrea Vallicelli and the interior by Alberto Pinto. Both designers worked in very close cooperation with the yard and the Owner’s management team to combine both design and architectural aspects based on a strong contrast between the harmonious and curvaceous lines of the decks with the rigorous and diamond-like geometry of the transom and sundeck. The hull shape and bow are optimized for both efficiency and comfort.

Okto is a custom motor yacht with lots of space in relation to the total volume and her lines are sleek and graceful. The design does not achieve extra deck space by stacking the decks, there is not the piled-up effect – one layer after the other, the philosophy of the whole concept is to guarantee the owners space and comfort they would expect. This stylish interior has been subcontracted to the renowned Austrian company List General Contractor GmbH.
The naval architecture is developed in-house by ISA Technical Department in conjunction with BMT NIGEL GEE naval architects, including a comprehensive four-month cooperation with MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) including a very intense tank testing program to evaluate all possible sea-conditions before starting the production of this very first innovative 66m l.o.a. Throughout this procedure, at various steps, a close supervision was maintained by the Owner’s team.


Photo credit: Paolo Zitti

The exterior color scheme is composed of Dupont Black metallic on the hull and Dupont Silver Metallic on the superstructure.

Powered by 2 CATERPILLAR 3512 C engines rated at 1765 KW @ 1800, she can reach a top speed of 18 knots and at a cruising speed of 16,5 knots.

Main Specifications

Length over all:66.40 m
Length water line:65.45 m
Beam:11.00 m
Draft:2.95 m
Classification:Lloyd's 100 A1 SSC Yacht Mono G6, LMC, UMS, EP
Compliance:MCA LY2 Code, Unrestricted
Main Engines:CAT 3512 C 2x 1765 KW @ 1800 rpm
Max. speed @ half load:18 knots
Cruising Speed:16.5 knots