Bravo Yacht Design group presents the 75m hybrid yacht concept BRAVO 75

The design of the BRAVO 75 has been inspired by sailing yachts. The hybrid propulsion contains a mix of diesel and hydrogen with electric azipods.

“This 75m concept with a heliport has a very distinctive profile and stands out for various characteristics of its external appearance,” said Tià Simó and Raúl Gonzalo, co-founders and partners at BYD Group. ” The aim of this concept is to offer a new yacht experience for the owner. Unparalleled comfort from many points of view and a new vision of life on a yacht while sailing or anchored. Its elegant hull is inspired by the profiles of sailing yachts and the curve from the stern to the bow represents the break between the motor yacht style and the sailing yacht style.”

BRAVO 75 welcomes up to 12 guests and crew accommodation for 21 people.

“Another strong point of this concept, which represents the very heart of the yacht, is its flybridge”, commented Simó and Gonzalo. “The space of the jacuzzi is modular and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Thanks to sliding glass walls, guests can enjoy the view without the unpredictability of the weather. They can feel like in an open space but also in a closed one at the same time. Each guardrail is glazed, which eliminates all parts affecting the visual field.”

75m Hybrid Yacht BYD Group

“I was inspired by the evolution of architecture in general,” explained Tià Simó. “More and more, architects have to give a more transparent appearance to their concepts. We allow clients to always have an outside view or just be connected to the nature. The design process has focused exclusively on the client’s external view of the surrounding environment, such as sailing yachts.”

75m Hybrid Yacht Bravo Yacht Design Group

Main Specification of BRAVO 75

Length over all:75.90 m
Beam:14.62 m
Draft:3.65 m
GRT:1.850 t
Displacement:1.350 t
Maximum Speed:18 knots
Cruising Speed:14 knots
Propulsion:Hybrid Diesel/Electric or Hydrogen/Electric
Fuel Type:Diesel/Hydrogen