Ardea Alba is an 80m yacht design by Timothy Baldacci

The design is inspired by the S-lined head of the great egret bird Ardea Alba. The design features an enormous glass surface on two decks that look like a floating winter garden. The simple architecture lines make the yacht elegant and light in its appearance although the yacht measures 80 meters.

“Inside I played with the volume and I emphasized the heights as if we are in a mansion. We have real decks and not rooms and the space is based on the concept of sharing.”

explained designer Timothy Baldacci who was one of the finalists at the Young Designer of the Year award in its 2017 edition by Oceanco and Boat International Media.

Tender to ARDEA ALBA

Every yacht needs a Mini-Me (or two), so the tenders adapt the same minimalistic and striking exterior lines of the mothership. The limo tender features exterior seating forward but also protected seating amidships for more comfort during the ride. The other one is an open boat with a more sporty character and a bit smaller.