BYD Group presents the 50m hybrid motor yacht project in cooperation with Atollvic Shipard.

The BYD 50 is the latest generation yacht, with a full hybrid propulsion system with azimuthal thrusters. Equipped with four diesel generators, and two fuel cells with a complete energy management system with a pack of batteries, the project the project should push the boundaries of efficiency and innovation in the yachting industry.

This would mean that the 50-meter yacht will be able to run with different scenarios, one with diesel, one fully electric (for a limited range, depending on the battery pack), with hydrogen, or with the combination of any of the above in case of high power demand. It goes away from conventional yachting to become a fully efficient and eco-friendly yacht.

All the power requirements for the yacht, power, and hotel electronics are produced in the power plant and then distributed. “It means that we increase the efficiency dramatically,” said Tià Simó, principal architect at BYD.

The propulsion is done through azipod electric drives, thus managing to have superior maneuverability as well as optimization of the thrust line with the flow around the hull.

Thanks to the advanced propulsion and efficient hull design, the BYD 50 can cruise autonomously for up to 5,500 nautical miles – good for transatlantic crossing.

“The whole concept is based on very simple lines, which work perfectly with each other and define the design,” added Simó. “We are proposing a modern and elegant yacht, in line of the latest design tendencies, but with simplicity, that will last over the time, with simple harmonic and streamlined shapes, studied proportions, and large exterior social areas, and a very spacious beach club, with plenty of platforms to work spend the day on the water. We optimized the aerodynamics to reduce air drag and improve the overall efficiency of the yacht. She has a contained beam of 9.1m, in order to keep the boat slender, and we maximized the waterline length, all that to improve efficiency. A very important difference is that the yacht is studied and proposed to reduce emissions and gain energy efficiency.”

50m Hybrid Motor Yacht BYD Group