Zeelander Z164 - a concept for a 50m luxury explorer yacht with running costs of a 30m yacht.

The pioneering yacht is entirely designed to provide low cost of ownership, reduced fuel, and energy consumption and to excel in the Green Plus RINA Classification.

It all started in 2009 when Zeelander owner and Chairman Sietse Koopmans embarked on his own circumnavigation of the world on board his explorer Zeepaard. This incredible and uplifting journey lasted over 3 years and covered 50,000 miles, visiting 39 countries.

Being Dutch and with an engineering background from the oil industry, Sietse and the Zeelander team designed the yacht to the point of perfection. Taking every aspect of the yacht into consideration, HVAC systems, generators, engines, gray water, cleaning processes for the yacht and down to the smallest light bulb. No stone has been left unturned. Every facet of the yacht has been engineered to reduce the environmental impact and reduce overall running costs.

Zeelander’s historic involvement in noise and vibration control plays an important part in the development of the Zeelander Z164. The world tour, for which Sietse received the Voyager’s Award at the prestigious 2014 World Superyacht Design Awards, gave him countless experiences and invaluable knowledge which was key in the design of the Zeelander Z164.

Presenting the Luxury Explorer Z164 to the industry in Monaco at the beginning of May, Global Marketing Director Ylja Venema says:

The introduction was a huge success and opened many doors for us. The story around the Z164 is truly amazing and will completely change the world of long-distance yacht travel.  All the industry professionals we visited were very enthusiastic about the Z164 and praised Zeelander for its innovation in this project. For an ambitious and revolutionary company like Zeelander, this is a positive boost!”